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Neat Stationery

Infoglen at Dreamforce ‘22

Aamena Ahmad

Come explore how we can transform your business, at the Salesforce event of the year

Neat Stationery

Understanding Machine Learning: Quick takeaways for CRM

Tausif Sheikh

Machine Learning is the method of data analysis that automates analytical model building and has a solution to a wide range of business challenges.

Neat Stationery

Chat Bots: How It Revolutionizes Customer Support

Tausif Sheikh

Chat Bots are empowering customer support by prioritizing customer issues, generating relevant replies for each case, and helping resolve cases faster.

Neat Stationery

Career Reboot for Women: Why and How We do it at Infoglen

Aamena Ahmad

When an organization is empathetic towards women, it is empathetic towards everyone. It helps employees feel more motivated & secure.

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Lead Scoring and Sales Cloud Einstein to Increase Sales & Revenue

Tausif Sheikh

Lead Scoring is a Sales and Marketing methodology that ranks leads, to determine sales readiness and their business worth to the organizations.

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Customer Growth: Does AI Help

Tausif Shaikh

Customer-centricity dynamically evolves with our fast-paced lifestyles and with well-informed, data driven customers.


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