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From Crest to the Core VALUES THAT DRIVE US – Equality & Inclusion

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

We often view markers of business success either in terms of rising profits or awards, titles and recognitions bestowed upon organizations. Recently, we climbed another huge step on the ladder of success when Infoglen was recognized as a Salesforce Crest (Gold) Partner. And that has really got us thinking about what success means to us and what are the markers of success we have set for ourselves. So, continuing on our journey to revisit our core values, in this blog, we will be unearthing a key element and a marker of our success – our second core value:

Equality & Inclusion

We provide equal employment & growth opportunities to everyone based on meritocracy and do not tolerate any discrimination.

When team members at Infoglen feel valued, respected and empowered in expressing different perspectives and ideas, we know that we have succeeded as an organization. A company succeeds when its people, in every interaction, hiring, appraisal, task allocation, team meeting, and so on, participate in the effort to build and establish a positive work culture and create a supportive and inclusive environment. For this to be possible, the company policies as well as the leaders who implement them, must view individual differences as assets, rather than obstacles, in working towards a shared goal.

Here are 4 ways in which Infoglen upholds its core value of being an equitable and inclusive workplace.

Equal Pay

All reviews & appraisals that determine employees’ pay are impartial to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. and focus on proficiency, effort, initiative and leadership showcased by employees in their area of work.


Our hiring policy is cognizant of the existing inequalities affecting members of underrepresented communities. We hire women, veterans and people across minority groups.


Leadership is an important indicator of how well we are practicing inclusivity & equality, and we ensure that each employee has equal access to leadership roles and decision-making opportunities.

Gender Equity

We launched the Women Infogleners Circle (WI Circle) in 2021, as an internal platform for women employees to come together, share experiences and resources, celebrate successes, challenge biases, and support women in taking on leadership roles. This initiative is shaping Infoglen's women empowerment agenda, with a focus on creating an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Being a minority owned organization, Infoglen was imagined by its founders as a company that celebrates diversity, where no one is left behind because they are different. Today, as Infoglen grows, this belief and vision stays intact as a core value of the organization.

In our next blog, we will be uncovering another one of our core values that is focused on our team, and is aligned with our people-first philosophy. Stay tuned for our third blog in this series.

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