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From Crest to the Core: Values That Drive Us

People Come First

Welcome to a blog series, where we will embark on a journey to revisit and dig deep into our nine core values, that together act as a source of energy and light, driving us towards success. To understand what makes us who we are, we will start at the core of the core: our talented team.

The first of our nine core values focuses on ‘Talent’. And we describe this focus not just as a value but also our core strength. At Infoglen, it’s always been about the people, and always will be. Amid the detailed calls to gather requirements, the workflow and code generation, the thorough tests before deployment, the follow-ups with clients, the quick calls and long brainstorming sessions, the aha-moments, and the we’re-onto-something moments, we know that it’s the people – in the limelight and behind the scenes – who make Infoglen what it is.

And so, let’s break down our first core value:

Talent: Our Core Strength

“Attracting, developing & retaining the best talent with an intrapreneur mindset.”

We look for and invest in people who are:

  1. Excellent at what they do: Have deep and exceptional expertise in their area of work or showcase the potential to develop it, while striving to get better in their pursuit of excellence

  2. Entrepreneurial: Not just following orders or checking off boxes but improvising, maximizing resources and problem solving, irrespective of the task at hand

  3. Innovative: Are on the lookout for opportunities to experiment and create with the objective of bringing about transformation and change, irrespective of the scale or size of the change

Attracting Talent

We understand that the best talent is often in high demand, so we take a proactive approach to recruiting. We use a variety of methods to attract the best talent, including job postings, referrals from existing employees, and partnerships with schools and universities. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and career development opportunities to ensure that we can attract the best talent.

Developing & Retaining the Team

Just having the right people in the team is not enough, and attracting top talent is only the first step. We also focus on developing our team’s skills and abilities to ensure that they can reach their full potential. We invest in training and development programs that help them develop their skills and grow their careers. We also strengthen our employer brand by creating a culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and supportive, where our team members feel valued, recognized and rewarded for their unique strengths and different perspectives they bring to the organization.

Our talent and team is at the core of Infoglen, and our core values reflect that. In this blog series, we’ll be talking more on how we develop and retain talent at Infoglen, by being a people-first company.

Stay tuned to know more.

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