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From Crest to the Core Part 4 – Approach for Sustainable Growth

Infoglen is a Salesforce partner that helps organizations harness the power of innovation and drive sustainable growth. We believe that this creates a ripple effect of benefits for individuals and economies. We are committed to exploring new opportunities and building relationships that will stimulate further growth for all.

How do we do it? In this blog post, we will unpack Infoglen’s fourth core value - Market Growth: Grow current & new markets to generate opportunities for people & economy.

This core value lays down our multifaceted approach to sustainable market growth: strengthening existing customer loyalty by exceeding expectations, expanding into new markets, and focusing on organizational and individual capabilities.

Customer Loyalty & Long-term Relationships

One key aspect of growing current markets is nurturing long-term relationships with clients, particularly small and medium-sized companies. We understand that as these businesses evolve and expand, their needs and requirements change. By working closely with them, we ensure ongoing support and innovative solutions to match their growing needs. As a result, our projects and business with small and medium-sized companies have grown over time. We take pride in the fact that 80% of our business is repeat business. These businesses consistently turn to us for new projects and requirements, relying on our expertise to drive their growth, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize their potential.

Expanding Horizons

Expanding into new markets requires adaptability, cultural understanding, and a keen sense of market dynamics. We showcased these as well as our commitment to growing new markets when we recently expanded our business operations to Dubai. Recognizing the region's vast potential for growth and the increasing demand for innovative Salesforce solutions, we not only tapped into a new market but also enabled organizations in Dubai to leverage the power of Salesforce technology to drive their success.

Thriving Amidst Challenges

In times of economic downturn or uncertainty, businesses often face challenges that can impede their growth. However, our commitment to expanding current markets proved resilient even during such difficult periods. Despite a season of layoffs and a prevailing recession at the end of 2022, the company managed to grow its business.

Investing in the development of human capital and building organizational capabilities is crucial for a sustained growth trajectory. This approach includes attracting top talent, providing training and development opportunities, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, empowering employees, and aligning organizational structures and processes to support growth initiatives.

With Salesforce, we empower organizations to unlock their full potential, fuel economic growth, and create opportunities for people. This, along with our dedication to expanding markets, investing in individuals and systems in our organization, and building customer loyalty, helps us become catalysts of sustainable and meaningful growth. As we navigate an increasingly interconnected world, our commitment to growth remains integral to shaping a future that is both prosperous and inclusive.

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