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From Our COO’s Desk

Building A Dream Team

Discovering the power of shared goals.

A great workplace is not defined by its perks, but by the investment in a dream team composed of highly talented individuals who are motivated to pursue ambitious shared goals.


Building a dream team is an ongoing process that requires constant attention to attracting and retaining talent, fostering collaboration, and celebrating success. Here are some tips for building a dream team:

Hire for attitude, not just aptitude: Look for people who are passionate about your organization's mission and are willing to work hard to achieve shared goals

Create a culture of trust and respect: Team members need to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and taking risks. A safe and supportive environment promotes open communication and creativity

Provide regular feedback: Help team members identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can continue to develop and grow. Constructive feedback contributes to personal and professional growth

Celebrate successes: When team members achieve their goals, take the time to acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments. Recognizing their efforts boosts motivation and engagement

In a dream team, there is no place for hyper-competent individuals with toxic behaviors that hinder teamwork. Respectful interactions and a positive work environment are crucial. When highly capable people work together effectively, they inspire each other to be more creative, productive, and successful as a team than they could be individually.

But what makes a dream team successful?

Infoglen @ Dreamforce ‘23

Dreamforce 2023 (12-14 September) was an incredible opportunity for Infoglen to engage with the diverse ecosystem, and leverage the insights gained from the event to enhance our offerings and provide even greater value to our clients. Our CEO Haroon Ahmad, COO Saba Ahmad, Sales Director Terence Hegarty, Head of COE Nikhil Soni and Talent Acquisition Head  Mustafa Arshad represented Infoglen at the event.

The AI Event of the Year
Dreamforce '23 was the first largest AI event of the year. It was where AI innovation was front and center, and our team was right in the midst of it. We were absorbing the latest trends and forging connections. Our team attended sessions like the one on Generative AI for Retail, helping us understand how Salesforce is accelerating its AI capabilities. Here are some of the main takeaways that got us quite excited:
  • The introduction of the Einstein 1 platform for safe data connectivity and customer trust, a $500 million venture capital pool for AI innovators

  • The launch of Einstein Copilot, a generative AI assistant for natural language interactions

  • Stronger partnership with Google Workspace, enabling bidirectional data exchange, and integrated with Databricks and Snowflake for seamless data sharing and machine learning model development

  • Einstein's new capabilities – have us all buzzing with excitement

  • Free datacloud & tableau licenses 

  • The 26 AI features on the horizon for Marketing and Commerce Cloud, supercharged by datacloud


Infoglen Salesforce Crest (Gold) Partnership Celebrations

Last quarter Infoglen celebrated its remarkable achievement of attaining the Salesforce Crest (Gold) Partnership status, across locations: San Jose, Pune, Bangalore, Gurugram and Dubai. The celebrations have been a testament to the unity and spirit that defines our incredible team.


Unlocking Growth for a Technology Company

Our client builds breakthrough software products for digital businesses, driving growth for industry leaders. They use Salesforce as their primary CRM but faced workflow challenges requiring manual intervention and needed expert guidance to resolve them. We implemented Salesforce CPQ & Sales Cloud capabilities to overcome these challenges.

The Problem


Our client had different stages in their Salesforce Opportunity object, and they wanted their team to consistently add data as opportunities progressed through various stages. However, employees often forgot to update the necessary information when working on CPQ quotes or marking opportunities as Closed Lost or Closed Won.


They also needed to enable the multi-currency feature in their Salesforce instance and update currency rates on a daily basis.

Our clients’ internal process of renewing and amending contracts was cumbersome and time-consuming for the customer.

Salesforce's native functionality restricted our client from using advanced approvals for approving quotes and contracts paralely.



We implemented a feature, where uploading a file with a specific name under Notes and Attachments, the system automatically marked the opportunity as Closed Won. Additionally, the order status was updated to "Activated" to streamline the order management process.

To overcome the restriction of advance approvals in Salesforce, we combined standard and advanced approval features. This lets customers handle approval workflows and perform both types of approvals when needed. We also added filters and buttons to make it clearer and more user-friendly.

Our next target was designing a custom component to simplify contract renewals. Users could now select the contract they wanted to renew from the child opportunity, and the system automated the remaining processes, reducing the manual effort required.

Finally, we integrated clients’ Salesforce instance with Netsuite to allow daily updates of currency rates in the system.

Client Spotlight - The Infoglen Factor

Product Area: Sales Cloud
Industry: Nonprofit

A senior manager from a US based nonprofit ministry appreciated our Salesforce expertise:

“Infoglen took on a complex project and was able to manage it skillfully, taking our organization from an outdated version of Salesforce with loads of technical debt to a smooth new instance.”


The Plastic Free July Challenge at Infoglen

As part of its GreenGlen initiative for climate action & sustainability and its recently launched SWEEP project, Infoglen participated in the global Plastic-Free July challenge. Plastic-Free July is a worldwide movement that encourages individuals and organizations to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics throughout the entire month and build a lifelong habit. The objective was to enable Infogleners to join the challenge, create awareness about plastic pollution, provide resources and support to make plastic free choices, by organizing check-in sessions where team members can come together and share their plastic free journey.


Here’s a round up of all the activities we organized during the Plastic Free July Challenge:


First Check-In: During our first check-in, we calculated our plastic footprint, reflected on our plastic consumption habits and set actionable goals for the month to cut down on our plastic waste.


Workshop on Living Plastic Free: We arranged a special workshop by Garbage Free India (GFI), an organization dedicated to waste management. GFI shared invaluable insights and provided the necessary information about types of plastic, alternatives to plastic and practical tips on reducing plastic.


Plastic Clean Up Drive: Team members from Pune, Mumbai and Ahmednagar in India, came together to participate in a plastic clean-up drive organized by Infoglen in Pune.


Last Check-In: We discussed learnings – what worked, what didn't, areas of improvement, etc. The session was an opportunity to pause, self-reflect and share takeaways from the experience.

Support Infoglen's Reforestation Project

Infoglen has been partnering with One Tree Planted and IamGurgaon for reforestation efforts in Gurugram, India, since last year. Our recent tree-planting activity at Aravali Nagar Van aims to offset carbon emissions and restore the local ecosystem. Till now, we have planted 3700+ trees globally. With your support, we can reach our goal of planting 5000 trees and restoring forest habitats around the world.


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