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From Our CEO’s Desk

Infoglen aims to bring about positive & transformative change for its clients & partners. To bring about this change, we have adopted the ‘Change Mindset’.


Look at the big picture: We approach each project/deliverable as a step in bringing the client closer towards positive & sustainable change for their business

Question the problem: We do not start by trying to solve the problem, but by re-examining it in close communication with the client, to help make the change simple and organic for the client & its users

Collaborate: We use agile processes that help us stay in constant sync with the client, and viewing each review & feedback from the client as a green signal or a moment of discovery to drive change in the right direction

Focus on Human Capital: Our Ideologies of change, innovation and client success are ingrained within our employees, who are instrumental in our clients’ growth journey. Employee satisfaction is key, thus our focus on employee welfare & engagement helps us create a positive & fulfilling work environment that inspires employees to create impact and add value. Here are some numbers from our employee engagement survey, conducted by Salto Dee Fe, a business consulting firm, via an anonymous online questionnaire:

Here’s how Infoglen does it:

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 Said Infoglen has a supportive work environment that helps employees attain their goals, and a great work-life balance.


Feel their work goals are attainable & realistic, along with transparent mtrics to performance management.


Get a sense of fulfillment with strong synergies between their work, company's vision and their rewards program.


Infoglen Crest (Gold) Partnership Announcement

Infoglen has announced its Salesforce Crest (Gold) Partnership Status. This significant milestone demonstrates Infoglen's commitment to delivering exceptional customer success and expanding its expertise in Salesforce technology.


Infoglen’s COO: An Inspirational Business Woman

This Women’s History Month, Entrepreneur Insights Magazine recognized Infoglen’s COO, Saba Ahmad, as one of the Inspirational Business Women to watch in 2023. During a recent interview, she recounted her entrepreneurial path. 

Our Performance Management Tool: Sneak Peek

Infoglen has built a Performance Management Tool to define, track and align employee goals with the overarching company goals through the OKR  (Objectives and Key Results) Management system.

This tool has been instrumental in bringing significant efficiency to the employee performance review process. This fully automated solution,  helps  accelerate growth by connecting individual achievements to organizational success.  It has streamlined  and simplified the entire process of employee performance management and review, with high focus on  key results based on defined objects and more valuable conversations driven across the organization.

Built natively  on the Salesforce platform, the Performance Management Tool provides a central hub to define objectives and key results for each employee and helps manage, track and update KPIs. It  makes it easier & faster to record, track and review employee performances, while ensuring collaboration & transparency between reportees and supervisors. With all the employee performance data and scores in one place, the tool can generate rating-based reports for leadership to evaluate, streamlining the decision-making process & automating the entire appraisal cycle. Employees can look at their OKRs and see how their individual tasks contribute to the company's long-term goals. 

Infoglen’s HR team and the leadership now have a 360-degree view of all the employees' OKRs with their self Input as well as Manager ratings of each OKR based goal in an easy to review report, and it takes 50 percent less time taken to complete the performance review process.

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Success Story of Our Telecom Customer

Our client, who delivers simple and smart enterprise-grade voice, data, network, and cloud communication services to businesses, wanted a custom solution to speed up their case closure process and increase their agents' productivity.

The Problem


Our client needed an automated follow-up process to ensure a smooth case management cycle for agents as well as customers.


The current follow-up process between their agents and customers required manual intervention causing delays in case closure.


With too many cases being open, agents were experiencing difficulty in monitoring and prioritizing cases.



We redesigned the follow-up process to send customers three follow-up emails after every 24 hours regarding the status of their open cases. This was done to help the agents to keep track of the open cases.


We also created an option for agents to close the case, if even after sending three follow-up emails, they did not receive a response from customers.

Further, we designed the whole process to take place within the business hours set in the Salesforce environment.

Client Spotlight - The Infoglen Factor

Infoglen is a fantastic group to work with on Salesforce implementation. Their leadership took the time to guide us through the project and develop a clear timeline, scope, and budget.


Infoglen Celebrates Earth Day 2023

Infoglen joined the world's largest environmental movement with EARTHDAY.ORG. As a business, we have the power and duty to make a change, and reaffirm our commitment to climate action.


Here are two steps that Infoglen took as part of the Earth Day 2023 movement, to reduce its plastic footprint and invest in our planet:

c4b7f288-562c-4726-9f25-3b45787e2122 (1).jpg

Infoglen has signed the petition to make the UN Global Plastics Treaty legally binding for all nation states, to ban single-use plastic and take strong measures against plastic pollution. You too can sign the Global Plastics Treaty by clicking here.


As part of its GreenGlen program, Infoglen has launched the SWEEP project in its India offices. Through SWEEP – Segregate Waste & Educate to Eliminate Plastic – Infoglen will raise awareness within its teams, reduce single-use plastic consumption in its offices and ensure non-biodegradable (dry) waste generated in its office premises is recycled.


Last year, we announced that all Infoglen offices will be made free of single use plastic. But overtime, we have learnt that single use plastic finds its way into our offices, especially in our India offices where most food and beverage packaging is still done using single use plastic.


Starting from April 22, 2023, we have made waste segregation mandatory across all offices. Each office should at least have separate bins for wet waste and dry waste.


For the success of this project, we will be conducting awareness workshops to familiarize everyone with the SWEEP project and to answer any questions or concerns. Our first session took place on 19 April 2023 in the Gurgaon office. 

Support Infoglen's Reforestation Project 

Last year, Infoglen launched GreenGlen, its climate action program with the Reforestation Project, in partnership with One Tree Planted. Till now, we have planted 2800+ trees. With your support, we can reach our goal of planting 5000 trees and restoring forest habitats around the world.


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