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Unleash Your Inner Mavericks

Out-of-the-Box Thinking for Business Triumph!

Imagine a world where every challenge is met with a resounding yes, and a world where limitations are not walls, but springboards for innovation


In the ever-shifting sands of the business landscape, conformity is a recipe for stagnation. We, as bold navigators in this dynamic sea, know that true success lies in the uncharted territory of out-of-the-box thinking. This isn't about reckless abandon; it's about mastering the art of questioning, reimagining, and daring to chart a new course. It's about unlocking the hidden potential within our businesses by shattering the shackles of conventional wisdom.


Imagine a world where every challenge is met with a resounding "yes, and..." A world where limitations are not walls, but springboards for innovation. This is the world that awaits us, that embraces the audacious spirit of out-of-the-box thinking.


Think of Google and Apple. They weren't the first search engine or first in the personal computer game, but they dared to envision a user-friendly, intuitive experience that revolutionized the industry. Or consider Airbnb. They didn't build hotels; they built a network of shared spaces, redefining the very concept of hospitality. These are just a few examples of how breaking free from the mold can lead to unprecedented success.


But how do we, as business leaders, cultivate this maverick mindset within our own organizations? Here are some ways to unlocking the treasure chest of out-of-the-box thinking:


1. Cultivate a Culture of Curiosity: Let's question everything. Don't accept the status quo as gospel. Why are we doing things this way? What if there was a better, faster, more efficient approach? Encourage healthy skepticism and reward those who dare to ask the "why" and "what if" questions.


2. Embrace the Power of "Yes, and..." Instead of shutting down ideas that seem unconventional, let's build upon them. Encourage collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas across departments and disciplines. Let the "yes, and..." mentality fuel brainstorming sessions and workshops, where even the seemingly impossible becomes a starting point for groundbreaking solutions.


3. Build a Playground for Experimentation: Innovation thrives on trial and error. Let's create a safe space for experimentation, where prototypes and pilot projects can be tested without fear of failure. Remember, even the most successful inventions were born from countless iterations and refinements.


4. Celebrate Failure as a Stepping Stone: Let's learn from our mistakes, embrace them as valuable lessons on the path to success. Don't let the fear of failure stifle our creativity. Instead, let's use it as a fuel for continuous improvement and a driving force for refining our approach.

5. Break Down the Silos: Cross-functional collaboration is the secret sauce of out-of-the-box thinking. Let's break down the walls between departments and encourage teams to work together on challenges. This diverse perspective exchange fosters the cross-pollination of ideas and leads to solutions that wouldn't have been possible in isolation.


Out-of-the-box thinking is not a one-time event; it's a continuous journey. It's about cultivating a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and collaboration. It's about empowering our teams to challenge the norm, embrace the unconventional, and dare to dream big. When you're open to exploring all possible solutions, you'll unlock your potential for creative problem-solving.


By embracing this mindset, we open the door to a world of possibilities. We unlock the potential for game-changing innovations, customer-centric solutions, and a competitive edge that will catapult our businesses to the forefront of our industry. Remember, the only limit is our imagination.


So, let's unleash our inner mavericks, break free from the mold, and watch our businesses soar to new heights on the wings of out-of-the-box thinking.

Everyone has heard that it’s a good thing to think outside the box. But what exactly does that mean? Why is thinking outside the box a good idea?

Infoglen’s 8th Anniversary

A Journey of Dedication, Passion, & Collaboration!

On 4th November 2023 we marked a significant milestone in our journey - the 8th anniversary of Infoglen!


In this video, hear from our incredible team members and valued clients, as they share what Infoglen means to them. It is a testament to the dedication, passion, and collaborative spirit that have been the driving force behind our achievements.


Through the continued support of our team and our clients, we're confident that our team will continue to transform our clients digital journeys! We can't wait to see where the future of infoglen will take us!

Celebrating 8 Years of Infoglen Excellence

Success Story of Our Customer from the Financial Sector

How we transformed Field Service Management for a leading payment solutions provider

Company Profile: Aiming to streamline their field service operations and enhance overall efficiency, a leading payment solutions provider approached us with a multifaceted set of challenges. Lack of centralized inventory,  the complexity of tracking product movements across warehouses, and the need for customization to enhance their Salesforce Field Service implementation. Additionally, the existing order management process lacked transparency, causing friction for both customers and vendors. Our mission was to deliver a comprehensive solution that would address these pain points.

The Problem


Inadequate Product Movement Tracking: Real time tracking issues causing disruptions in product movement across warehouses, leading to delays and operational inefficiencies.


Decentralized Inventory Hub: Absence of a centralized inventory hub resulted in scattered and uncoordinated inventory management.

FSL Customization Challenges: Need for customization in addition to the FSL implementation to meet growing field service needs.

Inefficient Order Lifecycle Management: Lack of a transparent and efficient system for managing orders, from invoicing to payment.

Vendor Action: Restricted visibility into service vendor actions, leading to delays and a lack of real-time information flow.

Data Update Limitations: Need for a custom solution to bulk update their data including work order creation, line item updation under each product, service requests etc.  Due to manual processing only one data was being processed at a time.



Work Order Creation: Enhanced operational efficiency and bolstered customer trust by utilizing external objects to handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII), without storing customer information in Salesforce.

Custom Inventory Management System: Optimized field service management by introducing a system for scheduling appointments, SLA management, field servicing, work order management, and order swapping on client’s Salesforce Instance.

Real-time Information Flow: Enabled real-time information exchange between client and their service vendors, by establishing a bidirectional integration between Salesforce and the vendor portal (Oracle - client’s legacy system).

SLA Configuration: Optimized service delivery, by configuring SLAs based on business hours, region, and the distance between vendor and customer locations to minimize delays.

Centralized Inventory Hub: Elevated the overall digital experience for service vendors by implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud that centralized inventory hub, streamlined the flow of information and provided visibility into product movements. Service vendors can now easily login to the community and get real time updates of their work order/service request.

Order Lifecycle Automation: Improved operational efficiency by automating the order lifecycle, from order entry to installation, reducing manual dependencies.

Bulk Data Power Up: We customized the bulk import tool to allow massive updates (up to 8000 records!) for work orders and line items, saving time and manual effort for data management.

CRM Trends

Emotional AI in Business: A Revolution in Customer Insights

Ever wondered about the transformative possibilities when technology delves beyond routine data analysis and into the complicated world of human emotions? Enter Emotional AI, a game-changer in how businesses interpret and elevate the overall customer experience.

Understanding Emotional AI:

Emotional AI, or Affective Computing, fuses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize, interpret, and respond to human emotions. Gartner predicts that by 2025, over 50% of large organizations will leverage AI to analyze people's emotions, behaviors, and sentiments.

Deciphering Customer Sentiments:


Beyond transactional data, Emotional AI taps into the emotional dynamics of customer interactions. Imagine a company not just knowing what you buy but understanding how you feel about those purchases. Accenture reports that 75% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a company that offers this level of personalized understanding.


Client Spotlight - The Infoglen Factor

Infoglen’s method of understanding, storyboarding and solving business problems is amongst the best we have seen in our 34 professional years working with CRM.


We are  impressed by Infoglen’s teams’ confidence in creative solutioning, willingness to propose alternate and concise solutions with less customization and candor in communication.

Joy of Sharing: Infoglen’s 8th Anniversary Celebration

Across Five Cities: Making a Difference, One Smile at a Time

Infoglen celebrated its 8th anniversary as Joy of sharing by giving back to the community, and making a difference across 5 cities including San Jose, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon. Our dedicated team members joined hands to organize visits to shelter homes for the homeless. Through these visits, we aimed to create moments of joy, spread smiles, and share the warmth of our hearts.​​ On 4th Nov, our team in Hyderabad visited Ashreya Old-Age Home where they organized lunch for 35 elderly and 30 orphan girls. On the same day, our team in Pune visited the Mamta Foundation, an orphanage for 35 HIV+ kids, to distribute clothes and other items needed at the orphanage. On 17th Nov, our team in San Jose put together emergency winter kits for distribution to the homeless in the Bay Area. On 18th Nov, our Bangalore team visited the Thayi Mane orphanage and distributed dinner to 120 orphan children. On 21st Nov, our team in Delhi NCR spent time with and served lunch to abandoned elderly and disabled people at The Earth Saviours Foundation shelter home.

600 Meals & Winter Kits Shared, Countless Smiles Created
The highlight of our initiative was the opportunity to provide meals for over 600 homeless individuals. In every location, our teams came together to share their time and a warm meal or clothes, brightening the day of those less privileged.
Infoglen's Support: A Catalyst for Change
Infoglen has always been committed to giving back to the community, and this time was no exception. We provided half of the required funds, enabling our teams to make an even greater impact.
Team's Generosity: The Heart of Our Initiative
Our incredible Infoglen team members demonstrated their unwavering support for this noble cause by contributing the remaining half of the funds. Their generosity has been the driving force behind our mission.
CSR Club's Leadership: Guiding the Way
We owe a special thank you to the members of our CSR Club, who played a pivotal role in organizing these visits to the shelter homes. Their dedication and leadership have been instrumental in bringing our vision to life.

Support Infoglen's Reforestation Project

In 2021, Infoglen introduced GreenGlen, its climate action program. The initial project undertaken as part of this program was the Reforestation Project in collaboration with One Tree Planted. Over the past two years, we have planted more than 3700 trees. With your support, we can achieve our target of planting 5000 trees and restoring forest habitats around the world.


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