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Vision to Action: Begin with the End in Mind

Journey guided by purpose and intention

I would like us to spend some time understanding the famous phrase “Begin with the end in mind”, coined by Stephen R. Covey in his best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The phrase "Begin with the end in mind", coined by Stephen R. Covey, encourages us to envision our ultimate goals and desired outcomes before embarking on any endeavour.

How do we do this?


Define Clear Goals: Before starting any task or project, take the time to clearly define what we want to achieve. This involves setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.

Envision Success: Visualize the desired outcome. Imagine what success looks like in vivid detail. By doing so, we create a mental image of our goal, making it more tangible and attainable.


Align Actions: Once we have a clear vision and goals, ensure that our actions, decisions, and behaviours align with this vision.


Stay Focused: It helps us maintain focus on the ultimate goal. It serves as a guiding star, helping us prioritize tasks and stay on track, even when facing distractions or challenges.


Motivate and Inspire: It is highly motivating and gives us a sense of purpose and a reason to persevere through difficulties. This motivation can inspire determination and commitment.

Measure Progress: Regularly assess the progress toward our goals. Are we getting closer to our envisioned end? If not, adjust our approach or strategy as needed to ensure we stay on the right path.


"Begin with the end in mind" is a timeless principle that can help us make intentional choices and create a roadmap for our lives. Whether we are striving for personal growth, career success, financial stability, or fulfilling relationships, having a clear vision of our goals is a fundamental step toward achieving them.


So, take a moment to reflect on what you truly want in life, create your vision, and embark on a journey guided by purpose and intention. When you begin with the end in mind, you're setting yourself up for a life of fulfillment and success.

Vasavi Tadavarty

Director of Delivery & Customer Success

Welcome Aboard


Your Favorite Quote: “You work hard for 100 rupees today, you’ll not hesitate to spend 200 rupees tomorrow.” 


If you could write a book about your life, what would be the title: Offence is the Best Defence.


What is it about joining Infoglen that you look forward to the most: 

The fast growth in terms of knowledge & position.

Raheeb Khan

Inside Sales Manager, Bangalore


Your Favorite Quote: 

"Be the reason someone smiles today."


If you could write a book about your life, what would be the title: A Journey from an Indian Village to North America


What is it about joining Infoglen that you look forward to the most: 

Career growth and innovation.

Ashok Sahu

Senior Software QA, Odisha


Your Favorite Quote: 

"Have more fear of regret than failure."


If you could write a book about your life, what would be the title: Untamed Soul


What is it about joining Infoglen that you look forward to the most: 

To be able to work with wonderful and talented people and polish myself professionally.

Sarita Nayak

Lead Salesforce Consultant, Bangalore


Abhishek Kumar

Salesforce Developer Trainee, Gurugram


Your Favorite Quote: 

"The mind is everything. What you think you become."


If you could write a book about your life, what would be the title: Life - The Teacher


What is it about joining Infoglen that you look forward to the most: 

I have joined Infoglen for self growth in terms of personal and technical skills while working along with talented colleagues. I am very impressed with the work culture here and looking forward to contribute my best and grow with Infoglen.



Nancy Shah

Founder, Speaker’s Circle

Speech Crafting Essentials & Delivering with Impact

On 8 September, Infoglen organized a webinar on Speech Crafting Essentials, conducted by Nancy Shah, founder of Speaker’s Circle, a platform through which she helps people improve their public speaking skills.  The session helped participants to:

  • Explore techniques for generating speech ideas

  • Refine topics and key points through brainstorming

  • Learn to craft engaging speeches with compelling openings, coherent bodies and impactful conclusions

On 15 September, Infoglen organized a webinar on ‘Delivering with Impact’, conducted by Nancy Shah, founder of Speaker’s Circle, a platform through which she helps people improve their public speaking skills.  The session covered helped participants to:

  • Discover the secrets to confident stage presence

  • Learn effective body language technique

  • Master tone and voice modulation for audience captivation

Infoglen @ Dreamforce ‘23

Dreamforce 2023 (12-14 September) was an incredible opportunity for Infoglen to engage with the diverse ecosystem, and leverage the insights gained from the event to enhance our offerings and provide even greater value to our clients. Haroon Ahmad, Saba Ahmad, Terence Hegarty, Nikhil Soni and Mustafa Arshad represented Infoglen at the event.

The AI Event of the Year
Dreamforce '23 was the first largest AI event of the year. It was where AI innovation was front and centre, and our team was right in the midst of it. We were absorbing the latest trends and forging connections. Our team attended sessions like the one on Generative AI for Retail, helping us understand how Salesforce is accelerating its AI capabilities. Here are some of the main takeaways that got us quite excited:
  • The introduction of the Einstein 1 platform for safe data connectivity and customer trust, a $500 million venture capital pool for AI innovators

  • The launch of Einstein Copilot, a generative AI assistant for natural language interactions

  • Stronger partnership with Google Workspace, enabling bidirectional data exchange, and integrated with Databricks and Snowflake for seamless data sharing and machine learning model development

  • Einstein's new capabilities – have us all buzzing with excitement

  • Free datacloud & tableau licenses 

  • The 26 AI features on the horizon for Marketing and Commerce Cloud, supercharged by datacloud


Latest @ Infoglen

Infoglen’s Vision & Mission

We are thrilled to share with you the core guiding principles that drive Infoglen forward: our Vision and Mission statements. These statements encapsulate our commitment to shaping a brighter future for all of us.


Build a better world for everyone connected to Infoglen as well as the society we live in, through best-in-class technology solutions and outcomes.


Provide strategic technology partnership to companies globally and help them achieve and exceed their business objectives

These statements are the driving force behind everything we do at Infoglen. We are excited about the future we are building, and we invite you all to join us on this incredible journey towards a better, technologically-enhanced world.

Infoglen Giving

Planting Trees & Restoring the Aravali Forests

At Infoglen, reforestation is one of the main focus areas of our Climate Action Initiative ‘GreenGlen’. That's why we have partnered with IamGurgaon to restore Gurugram’s local forests. Last year, we planted saplings in the Badshahpur Forest Corridor, and this year, we planted as part of their Aravali Nagar Van project.


On 23 August, the Infoglen Delhi-NCR team came together at the Aravali Nagar Van plantation site, for a day of environmental stewardship, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty, quite literally! We planted saplings of native species, with the goal of not only offsetting our carbon footprint but also strengthening the local natural ecosystem.


Our partnership with IamGurgaon is an important step we’re taking to be more environmentally responsible. These planting activities are always incredible learning opportunities for the team, leaving us feeling more connected with nature than ever before. For example, did you know?

  • Many of the tree species currently growing in the Aravali forests are invasive, do not benefit the local flora and fauna and hinder the growth of other native species. 

  • These trees often reach a number higher than the native species as they spread fast. 

  • This can interfere with the delicate balance of the ecosystem - such as the nutrient cycle of the soil or push native flora and fauna species towards endangerment. 

  • When forests are not able to support life inside them, they are unable to function as self-sustainable ecosystems.

Therefore, restoring the Aravali forests to become sustainable ecosystems, is an important goal of IamGurgaon’s Aravali Nagar Van project. And as an environmentally conscious organization, we were able to play a role in it.

A huge shoutout to all our employees who participated, and a special thank you to I Am Gurgaon for their invaluable guidance and support throughout this endeavor.


Factual Data’s Success Story

Transformed the Way Factual Data Operates, and Increased its Overall Business Efficiency

The Problem


Unscalable and cost-intensive legacy system

Issue processing large data as the legacy system only allowed data processing through external system, integrated using API

Duplicate and redundant data available in the system

Advanced scheduling functionality needed to assign cases based on agent's skills

Unpleasant user experience



Moved the entire Factual Data business from a legacy system to Salesforce

Deployed a custom skill-based appointment scheduling feature

Implemented a custom component using LWC to enhance UI & UX

Created and hosted a public URL on Factual Data’s collaboration portal using lightning scheduler for their users to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments with the sales reps

Built a custom functionality to reflect the real-time status of servers on the community portal – whether it is active, inactive, ready to go live, etc.

Implemented a customer chat feature for the service reps to connect with senior executives with a click of a button and collaborate on cases with no leakage of information or time

Developed a consent form feature for users to approve usage of PI, before the card verification service is processed

Created custom reports to identify duplicate data and get rid of it before moving to Salesforce


The Delighted Client

Congratulations to Danish, Ayush and Avneet for receiving client appreciation on the CLM Initiative at Google!

The Manager at Google extended gratitude for the support provided by the Infoglen team, acknowledging the instrumental role played by the exceptional individuals in the project.


In the midst of significant Google CLM initiatives, the client received the green light for a launch—a substantial achievement. Danish Hoda, our Lead Salesforce Consultant, emerged as a pivotal figure in this success story, showcasing remarkable speed and motivation in his contributions. Furthermore, he effectively facilitated the onboarding of Ayush Khandelwal & Avneet Kaur, our Salesforce Consultants, both of whom are performing very well in the project.


For the CLM Initiative at Google, the Infoglen team is working on a Docusign integration with Salesforce to streamline the agreement approval process for Google's customers.


Security First

Tips From Infoglen's IT Security Handbook

  • Technical controls are implemented to restrict the use of external USB storage devices (i.e., pen drive, memory cards, hard disk, mobile phone storage etc.)

  • Avoid downloading email attachments or clicking on suspicious links received in emails from unknown or untrusted sources

  • Be cautious of the URL of a website. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain

What's Cooking?

Pineapple Lime Mocktail, By BBC Good Food

Whip up a delightful mocktail that's sure to brighten up any gathering! For an extra touch of sweetness, opt for soda water in this refreshing concoction.



  • 1 tsp clear honey

  • small bunch coriander leaves

  • juice 1 lime

  • 750ml pineapple juice

  • a handful of ice

  • 400ml soda water



  • Chop the coriander leaves and place in a cocktail shaker with the lime juice, 100ml pineapple juice and a handful of ice. 

  • Shake together until the outside of the shaker feels cold. 

  • Strain into the glasses, add extra ice cubes and divide 650ml pineapple juice and the soda water between the glasses.

  • Your pineapple and lime cocktail is ready!

To share your favorite recipes with all Infogleners, send it to us at

Poll Power

What aspect of Salesforce do you find most challenging to implement and optimize for your business?

Step into the dynamic world of Salesforce optimization with us! In our recent survey, we connected with Salesforce users on LinkedIn to uncover the most compelling challenges they face in implementing and fine-tuning the platform for their unique businesses. Here's what they had to say!


InfoQuiz September



What is the name of the Salesforce software that Infoglen is helping Procore transition to?

What is the name of the Gurugam based NGO that Infoglen is partnering with for reforestation?

Name the person who completed six years at Infoglen in August 2023.

Please email your answers to: & to win a PRIZE

Hint: Most answers can be found in this issue of InfoBuzz!

Answers of August InfoQuiz


When did Salesforce acquire Vlocity?

In 2020.

In which city was the Plastic Clean Up Drive conducted during the Plastic Free July Challenge?

Plastic clean-up drive organized by Infoglen in Pune in July.

What is the name of the Google project where Infoglen is streamlining sales processes?

Google’s Katniss project.


Khaleel Shaik

Winner of August InfoQuiz





Aslam Juneid

3rd September, Ajmer


Charli Kashyap

3rd September, Gurugram


Devidas Mahajan

 3rd September, Songadh


Shripad Pulujkar

6th September, Pune


Santhosh Mandala

7th September, Vishakapatnam


Rahul Dev

8th September, Gurugram


Anam Khan

9th September, Firozabad


Mustafa Arshad

11th September,

San Jose


Atul Katiyar

15th September, Jaipur


Hanuma Prasad

17th September, Odisha


Arpit Gandhi

18th September, Faridabad


Shrutika Aggarwal

20th September, Ghaziabad


Manish Singh

23rd September, Gurugram


Ayush Khandelwal

27th September, Jaipur

Work Anniversaries


Mukul Kumar

6 Years


Saema Fareed

3 Years


Ajinath Ghule

3 Years


Alok Mahto

3 Years


Affan Khan

2 Years


Aslam Juneid

2 Years


Danish Hoda

2 Years


Gaurav Rawat

2 Years


Hridesh Singh

2 Years


Rohit Singh Salaria

2 Years


Jatin Motiani

1 Years


   Kshitij Rodrigues

1 Years


     Mayank Gupta

1 Years

Up Close & Personal with Raabit

Raabit Ahmad, our Salesforce Business Analyst (CPQ) from Delhi, shared insights from his personal life


Raabit Ahmad

IB: What is the sweetest memory from your childhood days? 

RA: In the heart of Aligarh, where narrow lanes intertwined like old friends, my sweetest childhood memory unfolded. It was the festive season of Eid, and our humble home glowed with warmth. I remember the intoxicating aromas of Biryani & of sheer khurma, lovingly prepared by my mother. As the sun dipped below the horizon, my family and I gathered around the table, sharing laughter, stories, and that delightful dessert. In that moment, I recall, amid the flickering candlelight and joyful chatter, I felt the true richness of our middle-class life — the abundance of love and togetherness that made every Eid unforgettable.

IB: What is your time management mantra?

RA: Creating a schedule for each day is very important as it will help in prioritizing which tasks to do first and reduce the chances of the burden of work building up. Always choose efficiency over multitasking, as they say "manage yourself to manage your time".

IB: What is a hidden talent you have?

RA: During the Covid lockdown, I got to know that I am a good chef.

IB: If you could get a new skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?

RA: I would want to learn a new language on Duolingo.

IB: What is your favourite pastime?

RA: Watching Travel Vlogs, and Searching and exploring Google Maps for new places.

IB: What if you had six months of paid vacation? Where would you travel?

RA: Norway - The fjords are gorgeous, and Tromsø in the Arctic Circle, is the best place to experience the midnight sun and catch sight of the Aurora Borealis.

IB: What are the kind of books you like to read or movies you like to watch?

RA: I like reading non-fiction books and watching science fiction movies & documentaries! I’m currently reading “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel and “Age of Easy Money” is the last show I watched.

IB: What's the one thing you like about Infoglen?

RA: Culture - really appreciate the culture this organization has preserved. You won't feel unheard or unappreciated.


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