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The Hackathon Chronicles: Tales of Tech, Tinkering, and Tons of Fun!

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming Infoglen Hackathon, it's time to put on our archaeologist hats and delve into the intriguing history of hackathons.

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a collaborative event where individuals, typically software developers, designers, and other tech enthusiasts, come together to work intensively on creative projects within a

constrained timeframe.

It's a blend of "hack" (in the sense of exploratory programming) and "marathon," signifying the endurance required to immerse oneself fully in the creative process.

A Brief History of Hackathons

Origin Story: The concept of hackathons traces back to the hacker culture of the 1960s and 1970s, particularly at institutions like MIT. These gatherings were informal and focused on exploring novel solutions to technical challenges.

The Birth of Hackathons: The term "hackathon" was coined in the late 1990s, with the first official event organized by Sun Microsystems in 1999. It aimed to bring together developers to innovate and experiment with new technologies.

Growth Spurt: Hackathons gained momentum in the early 2000s, spreading beyond the tech giants to universities, startups, and corporations worldwide. Companies recognized their potential for fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and team spirit.

Diverse Formats: Over time, hackathons diversified, with variations like hardware hackathons, social hackathons addressing societal issues, and even art-focused hackathons pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Benefits of Participating in Hackathons?

Hackathons serve as hotbeds for innovation, allowing participants to brainstorm and prototype ideas that might not emerge in a traditional work setting. Some of the benefits of participating in hackathons are -

Creative Freedom: Hackathons offer a platform for individuals to unleash their creativity without the constraints of daily tasks or corporate hierarchies.

Personal Growth: Overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries during a hackathon cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset.

Networking Bonanza: Hackathons provide invaluable networking opportunities, fostering connections with peers and mentors.


Prizes and Recognition: Beyond personal development, hackathons offer enticing prizes, recognition, and even the possibility of turning ideas into viable products.

Join the Adventure at Infoglen Hackathon

As we reflect on the rich history of hackathons, we invite all Infoglen employees to join us in crafting the next chapter of innovation and camaraderie. Whether you're a seasoned coder or a curious newcomer, the Infoglen Hackathon promises an exhilarating journey of creativity, collaboration, and perhaps a touch of friendly competition. Let's embark on this adventure together and see where our collective ingenuity takes us!

Shripad Pulujkar

Delivery Manager


Welcome Aboard


Sandeep Pasupuleti

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh


Your Favorite Quote: "Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period"- By Will Smith from the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Mr. Perfect - Maybe not so Perfect.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

Work-life Balance, Career Growth, Learning Opportunities, Company Culture.


Sumit Kumar

Lead Salesforce Consultant

Rohtak, Haryana


Your Favorite Quote: "Arise, awake, and stop not until the goal is achieved - Swami Vivekananda".


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Journey of Rebuild: Turning Lost Opportunities into Triumphs.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

I am eager to absorb new knowledge and skills within Infoglen's dynamic environment, fostering continuous personal and professional development.


Gavin Reilly

Account Executive

Los Gatos, California


Your Favorite Quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky.


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Life of Reilly.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

Growing with the Infoglen team and bringing my knowledge of sales to the team to help improve our overall success.


Gourav Choudhary

Salesforce QA

Pakur, Jharkhand


Your Favorite Quote: "Never give up".


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Life is a Journey.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

It's time to take a jump in my career and I need to step ahead, so infoglen is the best choice for it.


Prashant Kumar

Salesforce QA

Bangalore, Karnataka


Your Favorite Quote: "Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort" – John Ruskin.


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Darpan (A Mirror).


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with innovative and creative minds, continuous learning and growth and making a positive impact.


Krishna Rao Dadi

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Bangalore, Karnataka


Your Favorite Quote: “I would rather be a failure than someone who never tried”.


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

The Untold Story of Krishna Rao.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

Want to be a part of client success stories and grow personally and professionally along with Infoglen.


Dilip Bhambani

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Ajmer, Rajasthan


Your Favorite Quote: “Good times will not come on their own, your work and determination will change your time to good”.


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Mad Stories About Me.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

Infoglen's people are very happy and polite.


Mukesh Chawla

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Bangalore, Karnataka


Your Favorite Quote: “You have read thousands of books of knowledge, have you ever tried to read yourself".


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Journey to Self Introspection.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

Lots of learning & growth of the company and myself.


Rishabh Sharma

Salesforce Consultant

Ajmer, Rajasthan


Your Favorite Quote: "This too shall pass".


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Need for speed.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

Seeing everyone at the next AHM.


Anas Gulzar

Intern - Salesforce Developer

Nizamuddin West, New Delhi


Your Favorite Quote: “Anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger”.


If you write a book on your life, what would be the title:

Beyond Limits : The Unyielding Journey of a Risk-Taker in his Courageous Pursuits.


What are you looking forward to at Infoglen: 

At Infoglen, I look forward to more learning opportunities, to do some impactful work, to get along with people and make strong relationships with my colleagues so that with career advancement, I can also enjoy every bit of my journey.

CRM Trends

Harnessing Predictive Analytics for Improved Patient Outcomes


Anam Alam

Associate Manager - Marketing

Understanding Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Today's healthcare landscape relies heavily on predictive analytics to drive better patient care. By analyzing data and using advanced algorithms, predictive analytics helps healthcare providers anticipate and meet patient needs, leading to improved outcomes and higher quality care.

Predictive analytics involves the use of statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze historical data and predict future events or trends.


In healthcare, this means leveraging patient data, including medical history, diagnostic tests, treatment outcomes, and demographic information, to identify patterns and make informed predictions about individual patient health.

Identifying High-Risk Patients

One of the primary applications of predictive analytics in healthcare is identifying high-risk patients who may be at increased risk of adverse health events or complications. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, predictive analytics can accurately identify patients at risk of hospital readmission with an area under the receiver operating characteristic curve. By analyzing a patient's medical history, lifestyle factors, and other relevant data, predictive models can identify individuals who are likely to develop chronic conditions, experience hospital readmissions, or require intensive interventions.

At Johns Hopkins Hospital, predictive analytics is being used to reduce patient readmissions. By analyzing data such as patient demographics, diagnoses, and prior hospitalization history, the hospital identified patients at high risk of readmission within 30 days of discharge. This allowed care teams to intervene proactively, providing additional support and resources to these patients, ultimately reducing readmission rates by 20%.

Proactive Intervention and Preventive Care

Once high-risk patients are identified, healthcare providers can intervene proactively to prevent or mitigate potential health issues. Predictive analytics enables providers to develop personalized care plans tailored to each patient's specific needs and risk factors. For example, a study published in Diabetes Care demonstrated that predictive analytics-based interventions, including personalized coaching and medication adjustments, resulted in a 10% reduction in HbA1c levels among patients with diabetes.

Optimizing Resource Allocation

Predictive analytics also plays a crucial role in optimizing resource allocation within healthcare systems. By predicting patient demand and identifying areas of high utilization, healthcare organizations can allocate resources more efficiently. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, predictive analytics can reduce healthcare costs by 15% to 20% through improved resource allocation and operational efficiency. This includes optimizing staffing levels, scheduling appointments based on predicted demand, and managing inventory of medical supplies and equipment.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Hospital readmissions are not only costly for healthcare systems but can also indicate gaps in care continuity and patient outcomes. Predictive analytics can help identify patients at high risk of readmission and enable targeted interventions to reduce the likelihood of recurrence. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that hospitals using predictive analytics for readmission reduction achieved a 30% reduction in readmission rates compared to control groups.

Improving Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease require ongoing management and monitoring to prevent complications and optimize health outcomes. Predictive analytics can assist healthcare providers in identifying patients at risk of disease progression or exacerbation and tailoring interventions accordingly. For example, Kaiser Permanente used predictive analytics to identify diabetic patients at risk of complications and provided targeted interventions, resulting in a 28% reduction in diabetes-related hospitalizations.

Challenges and Considerations

While predictive analytics holds great promise for improving patient outcomes, its implementation in healthcare is not without challenges. Data privacy and security concerns, data quality issues, and the need for specialized expertise in data analysis and interpretation are among the key considerations. Moreover, ensuring that predictive models are accurate, reliable, and ethically sound requires ongoing validation and refinement.

To conclude, predictive analytics has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by enabling providers to deliver more personalized, proactive, and effective care to patients. By leveraging advanced data analytics techniques, healthcare organizations can identify high-risk patients, intervene proactively to prevent adverse events, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall care quality. As predictive analytics continues to evolve, it holds the promise of transforming healthcare delivery and ultimately improving patient outcomes on a global scale.









Vartika Mehta

Healthcare Professional

Vision - Mission - Manifest

On 10th May, Infoglen organized a webinar ‘Vision - Mission - Manifest’. The webinar was led by Vartika Mehta, an experienced healthcare professional.The session aimed to help participants to know:

  • Did you know that your mind is so powerful that it can turn anything into reality?

  • How about turning your goals and intentions into reality?


Piyush Desai


Maximising Wealth : Essential Financial and Tax Strategies

On 17th May, Infoglen organized a webinar on Maximising Wealth : Essential Financial and Tax Savings. The session was conducted by Piyush Desai, an entrepreneur, ex - banker.


  • The session talked about gaining invaluable insights into optimizing your financial health and minimizing tax liabilities with our comprehensive financial and tax session.


Almas Virani

Healthcare Professional

The Power Within : A Journey of Self Transformation

On 24th May, Infoglen organized a webinar ‘The Power Within : A Journey of Self Transformation’. The webinar was led by Almas Virani, an experienced public speaking coach.


  • The session aimed to help participants to embark on a transformative journey of self - discovery and personal growth with our webinar on self - transformation. Explore powerful techniques and insights to unlock your true potential, cultivate self awareness and embrace positive change.

Security First

Tips From Infoglen's IT Security Handbook


E- Mail Usage

  • Be very wary of email attachments and links, especially in unsolicited emails (most are virus-infected) 

  • If you receive spam email, simply delete it. If it is offensive or you receive a lot, contact the Information Security team (Sharaf and Anam)

  • Do not circulate chain letters, hoaxes, inappropriate jokes, videos etc. 

  • Do not send emails outside the organization unless you are authorized to do so. The ‘reply all’ should be used with caution to reduce the risk of sending e-mails to wrong people.

Infoglen Events

Lead-to-Cash (L2C) Internal Webinar Series:

Infoglen recently published a whitepaper, 'Navigating Lead-to-Cash Transformation through Salesforce'. The authors, along with our CEO, hosted 2 internal webinars for all Infoglen employees to dive deeper into the first 2 stages of the L2C process. These webinars proved crucial in helping Infoglen's project, sales, and delivery teams learn about how they can help their clients enhance collaboration across teams, improve visibility into customer interactions, and drive better outcomes throughout the clients' Lead-to-Cash journey. The teams equipped themselves with knowledge about:

  • The approach behind any organization's L2C process

  • Understand the details of multiple stages of the L2C process

Through upcoming webinars, our L2C experts plan to talk in detail about how order management systems can be made more efficient and how companies can smoothly integrate the billing and invoicing systems with Salesforce to achieve an end-to-end, highly organized Lead-to-Cash process.

01 (3).png

Success Story

Transforming Challenges into Solutions: Infoglen Empowered Bazaarvoice for Success

About The Client

Bazaarvoice is a leading provider of user-generated content (UGC) solutions that help businesses connect with and understand their customers. By harnessing the power of authentic customer reviews, ratings, and feedback, Bazaarvoice enables brands and retailers to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience.



Bazaarvoice faced several critical challenges in its journey to improve business operations and customer experiences. The high cost of portal licenses required a more affordable access strategy since Salesforce did not permit license downgrades for existing users. Their manual NPS survey process was time-consuming and prone to errors due to reliance on manual data transformation. Over-customization of output tables from Quote data, compounded by a lack of documentation and initial knowledge transfer, added further complexity. Additionally, deployment issues arose from the absence of basic setup tools for managing project progress, and there was a need for a standardized project management tool to enhance their capabilities.



Automated NPS Surveys: Improved efficiency, data accuracy, and the client’s ability to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, by moving from a manual NPS process, to a streamlined & automated system. This solution involved prepopulating NPS surveys, accurately identifying customers and contacts, removing duplicates, sending surveys for data collection via Qualtrics (A web based software that allows the user to create surveys and generate reports), and streamlining data delivery to the Customer Success Manager (CSM) list.

Pricing & Packaging Functionality: Ensured smoother data processing  by developing a highly customizable solution for Output Tables using Apex and Visualforce technology. This solution extended to developing a comprehensive Pricing and Packaging functionality for BazaarVoice’s product with their consolidated view on the New Output tables.

Reduced Costs with License Transition: Implemented a cost-effective solution for streamlined user logins, optimizing efficiency and mitigating challenges related to Salesforce license downgrades. This involved innovative techniques, including the creation of new user profiles and strategic management of existing accounts.

Standardized Business Processes: Implemented FinancialForce to standardize BazaarVoice’s business processes related to project creation, management, and financial tracking.

Optimized Governance and Code Quality: Addressed past challenges related to code quality and governance, by introducing error handling mechanisms, merged triggers, optimizing the code, and transitioning from workflow processes to Flow.

Poll Power

This section brings to you findings of Infoglen survey on LinkedIn, where active members of Salesforce and CRM community weigh in on all kinds of topics related to Salesforce.

01 (5).png

What's Cooking?

Mint & mango iced green tea

By GoodFood

Blend the flavor of green tea with mango, fresh mint, lime and ice to make this iced tea. It makes a wonderfully refreshing summer drink at any time of day.



  • 1 mango, peeled, stoned and chopped

  • 100g granulated sugar

  • 4 tsp green tea leaves

  • small bunch fresh mint

  • 1 lime, sliced

  • Ice


  • Put half the mango in a saucepan with the sugar and 100ml water. Cook for 8-10 mins then strain through a sieve and leave the liquid to cool.

  • Meanwhile, pour 500ml boiling water into a large heatproof jug and add the green tea leaves. Leave to steep for 5 mins, then strain into a large glass jug and add 300ml cold water. Leave to cool completely then put into the fridge to chill.

  • Once cold, add the strained mango syrup to the chilled tea, along with the rest of the chopped mango, fresh mint and the lime slices. Fill up the jug with ice, stir gently and serve.

  • Serve as you like! Enjoy!

To share your favorite recipes with all Infogleners, send it to us at

Up Close & Personal with Amodini

Amodini Bakshi, our Senior Salesforce QA from Delhi, shares insights from her personal life


Amodini Bakshi

IB: What is the sweetest memory from your childhood days? 

AB: Summer vacations at my Nani’s place hold a special place in my heart. One of my favorite memories was eating sour lemons and oranges from her garden, even if it meant enduring a sore throat later on. But the tangy sweetness was worth it. Our days were filled with timeless games like Carrom, playing cards and Stapu, creating cherished memories of family togetherness.

IB: What is your time management mantra?

AB: I set aside 20 minutes daily to prioritize tasks for the day. Consistently being proactive and maintaining clear communication are practices I adhere to in order to achieve timely targets.

IB: What is a hidden talent you have?

AB: As an empathic tarot reader, I blend intuition and logic, facilitating deeper connections and insights.

IB: If you could get a new skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?

AB: Instantly becoming fluent in every language known to humankind, because why limit my conversations to just one?

IB: What is your favourite pastime?

AB: Painting Mandalas, listening to music, singing, or indulging in movies are my go-to activities for relaxation and unwinding.

IB: What if you had six months of paid vacation? Where would you travel?

AB: I would like to visit South Korea or New Zealand as both these countries offer a captivating array of geographical wonders and rich cultural experiences that I'm really keen to explore and soak in.

IB: What are the kind of books you like to read or movies you like to watch?

AB: I cultivated a fascination for mystery and detective thriller tales, and to this day, my favourites remain the Nancy Drew Mystery Case Files and the works of Agatha Christie. When it comes to movies, I am drawn to the light hearted charm of comedy films, particularly classic romantic comedies.

IB: What's the one thing you like about Infoglen?

AB: At Infoglen, one gets the chance to be a part of a nurturing and collaborative work environment,
where each individual has the opportunity to contribute to solutions that benefit both clients and
society at large.





Shahnawaz Ali

1st May


Tarun Gupta

2nd May

Raabit Ahmad.jpg

Raabit Ahmad

5th May

saema pic.jpg

Saema Fareed

7th May


Ashish Shelke

9th May


Anugya Bisht

9th May


Rajat Sharma

11th May


Kshitij Rodrigues

20th May


Gopala Krishna

24th May

Pushkar Sharma.jpg

Pushkar Sharma

26th May


Abhishek Kumar

27th May


Gaurav Rawat

29th May

Work Anniversaries

Akash Garg.jpg

Akash Garg

5 Years


Manish Singh

2 Years


Pankaj Sachdeva

2 Years


Terence Hegarty

2 Years


Kanika Malkani

1 Years

InfoQuiz May



What is the primary application of predictive analytics in healthcare?

What is the name of the whitewaper that Infoglen recently published?

What is Amodini’s special hidden talent?

Please email your answers to: & to win a PRIZE

Hint: Most answers can be found in this issue of InfoBuzz!

Answers of April InfoQuiz


What did Shaifali and the Infoglen team create for Google that won them appreciation from the client?


What is the name of the waste solution center that the NCR team visited on Earth Day 2024?

Samantha Hub

Which place does Manish want to travel to for a long vacation?




Winner of


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