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Partnership Beyond Transactions: Investing in Client Success

Elevating Client Relationships Through Strategic Partnerships

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, where innovation drives competitiveness, the traditional transactional model often falls short of fostering meaningful relationships with clients.

Recognizing the need to transcend mere transactions, technology companies are increasingly embracing a partnership-centric approach, wherein the focus shifts towards investing in client success.


This article aims to elucidate the importance of cultivating partnerships beyond mere transactions within the realm of technology, highlighting its profound implications for sustainable growth and heightened client satisfaction.

Understanding the Shift: In the technology sector, where solutions are often complex and tailored to specific needs, the transition from transactional engagements to partnerships is imperative. Understanding this shift requires a departure from viewing clients as mere buyers to recognizing them as strategic partners with shared goals and objectives. By aligning our interests with those of our clients, we pave the way for collaborative endeavors that yield mutual benefits and drive innovation.

Building Trust and Loyalty: Central to the concept of partnership beyond transactions is the cultivation of trust and loyalty. Technology companies must invest in understanding their clients' challenges, objectives, and long-term vision. By doing so, they not only demonstrate empathy and commitment but also foster a sense of loyalty that transcends individual transactions. Trust becomes the cornerstone of the relationship, laying the foundation for enduring partnerships built on mutual respect and shared success.

Tailoring Solutions to Client Needs: Unlike off-the-shelf products or services, technology solutions often require customization to meet the unique requirements of clients. Adopting a partnership-centric approach enables technology companies to tailor their offerings to specific client needs, thereby enhancing value and relevance. By co-creating solutions in collaboration with clients, companies can ensure alignment with their business objectives and drive tangible outcomes that contribute to their success.


Driving Innovation Through Collaboration: Partnerships go beyond the exchange of products or services; they provide opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Technology companies that prioritize client success invest in fostering an ecosystem of collaboration, where ideas are exchanged freely, and innovation thrives. By leveraging the collective expertise of both parties, companies can develop cutting-edge solutions that address emerging challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

Measuring Success Beyond Transactions: In a partnership-centric model, success is measured not just by the number of transactions but by the impact generated for clients. Technology companies must redefine their metrics for success to encompass factors such as client satisfaction, retention, and long-term value creation. By focusing on these indicators, companies can gauge the effectiveness of their partnerships and continuously adapt to meet evolving client needs.

Conclusion: The paradigm shift from transactions to partnerships represents a fundamental evolution in how technology companies engage with their clients. By investing in client success, companies not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive innovation, foster loyalty, and unlock new avenues for growth. As technology continues to reshape industries and markets, cultivating meaningful partnerships will be essential for companies to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and competitive landscape.

Yasar Ali Hashmi

Principal Salesforce Practice

Infoglen Giving

Transforming Classrooms & Empowering Education


Aamena Ahmad

Senior Content Analyst

Over the past two months, Infoglen has remained steadfast in its commitment to empowering education for underprivileged children at the three Jai Hind learning centers across Gurgaon, particularly focusing on ensuring that classrooms across these learning centers are well-equipped with essential stationery supplies.


These supplies, including pencil boxes, notebooks, erasers, sharpeners, and whiteboard markers, play a crucial role in facilitating the teaching and learning process.

By providing these basic yet vital resources, we aim to create an environment where both students and teachers have the tools they need to thrive. Equipping classrooms with stationery supplies serves the purpose of promoting active learning, fostering creativity, and enhancing overall academic performance.

On March 7, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved as our NCR team members, including our Co-Founder and CEO, Haroon Ahmad, visited the newest Jai Hind learning center in sector 62. It was a memorable occasion as our CEO visited the center for the first time. During the visit, our team had the privilege of distributing notebooks to the students, symbolizing our ongoing support for their educational journey. Moreover, the visit was not merely about distribution; it was about actively engaging with the students and brightening up their learning environment.

To accomplish this, we organized a fun art and crafts activity, facilitated by an art instructor. Together with the students, our team adorned one of the center's white walls with paper bird cutouts, each colored vibrantly by the children. These birds served as a powerful symbol, representing the students' aspirations to soar to new heights of possibilities. Another wall was transformed with a colorful mosaic pattern, further enhancing the ambiance of the center. These activities not only brought joy and creativity to the students but also strengthened the bond between our team and the school community.

The impact of our support over the past two months extends beyond the provision of stationery supplies. It has fostered a nurturing learning environment where students feel empowered to explore their creativity and teachers have the resources they need to deliver quality education.


Moreover, our engagement activities have provided students with opportunities for collaboration, expression, and personal growth, offering them a meaningful break from their regular classwork.

As we reflect on the past months, we are encouraged by the positive impact our efforts have had on the lives of these students and teachers. Moving forward, Infoglen remains committed to supporting education initiatives that uplift communities and pave the way for a brighter future.



Almas Virani

Public Speaking Coach Ninja Speakers

  Breaking Boundaries : Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Today’s World

On 22nd March, Infoglen organized a webinar on Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Today’s World. The webinar was led by Almas Virani, a Keynote Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, Corporate Trainer and Change Maker. The session helped participants:

  • Explore the origins and impact of these stereotypes.

  • Discover practical strategies to challenge & overcome them.

  • Gain insights into fostering a more inclusive & equitable society.


Vranda Rathi

Founder Vranda Arts

Healing with Humor: The Power of Laughter Therapy

On 29th March, Infoglen organized a webinar on Skills Are Your Strength. The session was conducted by Vranda Rathi, creativity trainer, storyteller, and Founder of Vranda Arts. The session helped participants:

  • Learn how to build a creative attitude.

  • Explore and express yourself by tapping into their mind and soul.

  • Develop their imagination.


The Delighted Clients

Diligent efforts on the Verifone project: Congratulations Atul!

The Sr. Manager IT CRM Systems, Verifone, extends its sincere gratitude to Atul Katyar for his dedication and diligent efforts on the NA Field Services project and Salesforce Support tasks.


His hard work was greatly appreciated, and he was encouraged to continue excelling in his contributions.

Verifone (1).png

Security First

Tips From Infoglen's IT Security Handbook

  • Review all data, whether held electronically on the device to decide whether to destroy or delete any data once the purpose for which those documents were created is no longer relevant.

  • If you possess any personally identifiable information (PII), ensure its deletion according to the project guidelines; do not retain it.

TrailblazerDX 2024

Infoglen at the AI Event of the Year

We are thrilled to share a recap of our recent experience at TrailblazerDX 2024 (6-7 March) in San Jose, attended by our COO Saba Ahmad and Sales Director Terence Hegarty. The event proved to be an exhilarating opportunity for Infoglen to delve into the forefront of Salesforce innovations, network with industry luminaries, and further elevate our skills.

AI Innovation Unleashed
TrailblazerDX provided an immersive journey into the latest Salesforce innovations, particularly highlighting the transformative potential of Data Cloud and Einstein Studio's seamless integration of Data, AI, and CRM functionalities.
Special mention to the enhanced security solution offered by Einstein Trust Layer's Data Masking, promising to bolster our client solutions with heightened security measures.
The show saw 55,000 attendees from across the world and 1500 sessions

Success Story

Rapid7's Successful Partner Portal Implementation


About The Client

Rapid7 is a global leader in cybersecurity compliance solutions. Recognized five times in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Information and Event Management, they empower customers to unite cloud risk management with threat detection and response, to reduce attack surfaces and eliminate threats with speed and precision.



Rapid7 faced complexities in its partner sales channels, where direct sales excelled, but delays hindered partner channels due to cumbersome communication loops. Rapid 7, recognizing the need for a more efficient quotation process, partnered with Infoglen to develop a centralized partner portal - natively on Salesforce, aiming to alleviate these challenges and enhance communication.



Partner Portal Creation: Leveraged Salesforce's Experience Cloud to develop a dedicated partner portal.

Role-Based Access: Gave partners access to specific records relevant to their engagements, saving time and effort while making pertinent information readily available.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Implemented SSO to simplify partner authentication, enhancing user experience and bolstering security.

Quotation Management: Empowered partners to independently create and manage customer quotations within the portal, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Case Management: Integrated a case management feature, enabling partners to raise and track support cases directly within the Salesforce, ensuring timely issue resolution.

Infoglen Events

International Women’s Day Celebrations

On March 8th, Infoglen celebrated International Women’s Day 2024 with great enthusiasm, reflecting on the theme of this year, "Inspire Inclusion." It was a day filled with insightful discussions, reflections, and a renewed commitment to fostering a workplace culture where everyone feels valued and included.

As part of our celebrations, we took on the task of understanding what inclusion truly means to our team members. We captured their thoughts and perspectives through a series of video interviews, highlighting the diverse range of experiences and insights within our company. You can watch the video below.

One of the highlights of our International Women’s Day celebrations was the engaging fireside chat we hosted. We were honored to have our Co-Founder and COO, Saba Ahmad, alongside Adanta Ahanonu, the Chief Program Officer (CPO) of COOP a prominent nonprofit organization that enables mobile first-gen college grads overcome underemployment through digital skills and peer connections. Together, these two inspiring women leaders shared their insights on fostering inclusion, diversity, and equity in the workplace.

Throughout the fireside chat, several key topics were explored:

1. Cultivating a Culture of Mentorship: The importance of mentorship for women in the workplace was emphasized, with both speakers sharing personal anecdotes of how mentorship played a pivotal role in their careers. 

2. Tackling Unconscious Bias: Our speakers delved into strategies for recognizing and mitigating unconscious biases in day-to-day interactions within the workplace. By fostering awareness and education, we can create a more inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

3. Power of Allyship: The power of allyship emerged as a central theme in promoting gender equality. Our speakers emphasized the importance of men and women working together as allies to challenge stereotypes, advocate for inclusivity, and amplify the voices of underrepresented groups.

As we reflect on our International Women’s Day celebrations, let us carry forward the insights and inspiration gained from our discussions. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our International Women’s Day celebrations extremely special.

Over 35 team members joined the fireside chat and the Q&A session got some interesting questions and personal experiences

What's Cooking?

Veg Spring Rolls, By Kunal Kapoor

Indulge in vibrant flavors of this irresistible Veg Spring Rolls recipe. Crispy on the outside and bursting with fresh vegetables on the inside.



Spring Roll Sheet:

  • Flour all purpose - 100gms

  • Corn flour - 50gms  (plus extra for dusting) 

  • Salt - a pinch 

  • Water - 160ml (approx)

  • Oil 


  • Oil - 4tbsp

  • Ginger chopped - 2tsp

  • Garlic chopped - 2tsp

  • Onions shredded -½ cup

  • Capsicum shredded - ½ cup

  • Carrots shredded - 1cup

  • Cabbage shredded - 1cup

  • Spring onions chopped - ¼ cup 

  • Soya sauce - 1tbsp

  • Vinegar - 2tsp

  • Salt - to taste

  • Sugar - a pinch 

  • Corn flour - 2 tsp

  • White Pepper powder - a pinch 

  • Sesame oil (optional) - 1tbsp

Batter for binding:

  • Flour (all-purpose) 

  • Water


Spring Roll Sheet:

  • Mix all the ingredients and make a thin & smooth batter. 

  • Heat a non-stick pan and using a cloth rub a little oil on to the surface. 

  • Pour a ladle full of batter on to the hot pan, swirl quickly and pour back the batter into the bowl. 

  • Let the pancake cook and leave the bottom. Remove and place on to a plate dusted with cornflour. 

  • Repeat the same, just remember to keep dusting the pancakes.

Stuffing & Spring Roll:

  • Heat a pan and add oil. Stir in chopped ginger and garlic. 

  • Add onions, carrots, cabbage, capsicum and toss on high heat for 2-3 mins. 

  • Add salt, sugar, pepper powder, Siya sauce, vinegar and toss them together. 

  • Make sure most of the water released by veggies is evaporated. 

  • Sprinkle the cornflour on top and toss it again. Cook for another 2-3mins. 

  • Add sesame oil, mix and remove the veggies on a large plate. Spread them so that they cool off fast.

  • Place a generous amount of the filling in the centre of the pancake. Fold in the sides first and then roll it up tightly. Towards the end apply a little slurry made with flour and water. 

  • Heat oil and deep fry till crisp. Enjoy!

To share your favorite recipes with all Infogleners, send it to us at

Up Close & Personal with Pankaj

Pankaj Sachdeva, our Lead Salesforce Consultant from Karnal, shared insights from his personal life


Pankaj Sachdeva

IB: What is the sweetest memory from your childhood days? 

PS: Travelling to my village during summer vacations and immersing myself in the warmth and lush greenery that surrounds it. Setting off on the very first day of my vacation and returning only on the last, I relish every moment spent reconnecting with nature and my roots. In the serene ambiance of our village, the day began with the gentle rustle of leaves as we rose early, around 5 am, for our morning walk. Returning to our farmhouse, the cool waters of the tube well awaited, offering a refreshing start to the day.

From exhilarating cricket matches to a medley of indoor games, we found ourselves immersed in endless entertainment, each moment etching memories of joy and togetherness. At sunset, we shared stories and laughter, basking in the simple pleasures of village life until the day's end.

IB: What is your time management mantra?

PS: I kickstart my day by dedicating 15 minutes to meticulously plan and prioritize my tasks. I make it a point to tackle the most challenging task right at the beginning, ensuring it's promptly dealt with, and setting a positive tone for the remainder of the day.

IB: What is a hidden talent you have?

PS: I excel in the art of intuition, adeptly foreseeing and anticipating outcomes with precision!

IB: If you could get a new skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?

PS: Water surfing.

IB: What is your favourite pastime?

PS:  I've had a lifelong passion for cricket, starting from my early childhood days when I began playing with my father, at the age of 4. From there, I quickly transitioned to playing in the streets with friends, and my love for the game has only grown stronger over the years. Playing and watching cricket has been a constant source of joy and excitement throughout my life.

IB: What if you had six months of paid vacation? Where would you travel?

PS: I would like to travel to Europe and explore the rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes of Europe. I’d like to visit iconic cities like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, as well as picturesque destinations such as the Greek islands and the Swiss Alps.

IB: What are the kind of books you like to read or movies you like to watch?

PS: I typically enjoy watching Hindi and Punjabi comedy films such as 'Welcome', 'Phir Hera Pheri', and 'Carry On Jatta'.

IB: What's the one thing you like about Infoglen?

PS: Infoglen fosters a culture of freedom and flexibility among its employees, empowering them to unleash their full potential and excel in their roles. 




Sourabh Kamat.jpg

Sourabh Kamat


2nd March

Venkateshwarlu malli.jpg

Venkateshwarlu Malli


8th March

Shubham Tambi.jpg

Shubham Tambi


11th March

Roshan Kandari.jpg

Roshan Kandari


18th March

Kishore Vemula.jpg

Kishore Vemula


19th March


Affan Khan


24th March

Naushad Ahmad.jpg

Naushad Ahmad


12th March

Poorna Rao.jpg

Poorna Rao


26th March

Work Anniversaries


Ramrao Gudla

4 Years

Shivansh Garg.jpg

Shivansh Garg

2 Years

Anam Alam.jpg

Anam Alam

3 Years

Siddhartha_Gupta (1).jpg

Siddhartha Gupta

2 Years


Kalpitha TS

2 Years

Sourabh Kamat (1).jpg

Sourabh Kamat

2 Years

InfoQuiz March



What did Eric Levine provide training on, for which he received appreciation from Google?


Which famous personality from Salesforce did our COO Saba Ahmad get a chance to interact with at TrailblazerDX 2024?

Who completed 4 years at Infoglen in March 2024?

Please email your answers to: & to win a PRIZE

Hint: Most answers can be found in this issue of InfoBuzz!

Answers of February InfoQuiz


Which partner gave Sarita Nayak a 5 star rating on her performance?



What is omnichannel integration?

The seamless integration of various communication channels, including online platforms, social media, mobile apps, email, and physical stores, to provide customers with a unified and cohesive experience.

Which software was integrated with CPQ to optimize the order management process for Menlo?



Areeb Hashmi

Winner of


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