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Welcome to the second edition of our HR newsletter! As we dive into this edition, we’re thrilled to bring you a wealth of exciting updates and happenings from the Infoglen family. From the launch of our Employee FAQ section on Infohub— your go-to resource for answers to common queries, —to the remarkable achievements of ten employees who nominated themselves for Salesforce Certification Vouchers, there’s much to celebrate.

And there is more! We’ll also delve into the buzz surrounding the NCR-Gurgaon Confluence Leadership Summit and the spirited camaraderie at our recent AHM / Employees meet-up. So, grab your virtual coffee, settle in, and let’s explore the vibrant tapestry of Infoglen’s latest endeavours!


FAQs Demystified: Your Go -To HR Guide 

The HR team has meticulously curated a comprehensive FAQ document covering a wide range of People Processes. Whether you’re a seasoned Infoglenner or a fresh face at Infoglen, this section is designed to provide clear and detailed answers to common queries related to our organization, policies, and processes.

Why Should You Explore It?

Here are some compelling reasons to dive into the Infoglenners FAQs Section:


Quick Answers: Need a solution on the fly? The FAQs Section has everything you need! No more to waiting for emails or scheduling meetings—find what you need in a jiffy.

Self-Service Empowerment: Take charge of your knowledge journey. No more relying solely on HR or colleagues; the FAQs Section puts information at your fingertips.

Onboarding Support: New to Infoglen? Navigate your way through the onboarding process, benefits, and company culture with ease.

Time-Saver: Skip the email search or inquiries – find all you need in one spot!


Where Can You Access It?

Head over to our internal employee portal, Infohub, and explore the Employee FAQs Section. It’s your gateway to clarity and empowerment.

Infohub (Click Here - 2nd Link below Dashboard Tab). 

Your Feedback Matters!

We value your input. If you have specific questions or would like to see additional topics covered in future updates, please reach out. Let’s work together to boost our support for all infoglenners.

POSH Update

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act, 2013, mandates that every organization with more than ten employees must establish an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to investigate complaints of sexual harassment. The ICC ensures that all complaints are handled promptly and confidentially.

We're excited to share that we've teamed up with a new collaborator for our ICC this year. Joining us is Mr. Sandeep Nagarkar, a seasoned lawyer and certified POSH expert with over 18 years of corporate experience since 2011. His expertise will play a crucial role in ensuring the effective and fair operation of our ICC.

In our ongoing commitment to fostering a safe and respectful workplace, a mandatory Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) training session was conducted on January 9th. The session was led by Mr. Sandeep Nagarkar, an esteemed external member of our Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for POSH.

During the training, participants gained valuable insights into recognizing, preventing, and addressing instances of sexual harassment. Mr. Nagarkar’s expertise and engaging approach ensured that our team is well-equipped to create a supportive environment for all employees.

We appreciate everyone’s active participation and commitment to upholding our organization’s values. Let's work together to maintain a safe and empowering workplace.


Infoglen NCR Confluence 2024

Infoglen's NCR F2F team gathering in Gurugram from February 26th to 28th, 2024, was all about teamwork, creativity, and triumph. Leaders from India, UAE, and the US came together to bond and discuss the future.

The event featured notable guests, including our Co-Founder and CEO Haroon Ahmad and technology industry veteran Manoj Chugh, who joined as an Advisor. Their presence added a special touch, emphasizing the sense of connection and shared purpose.

The focus of Confluence Feb 2024 was on Infoglen’s Growth. On the first day, team members participated in an intense ideation and feedback session to build the Growth Engine. This collaborative effort involved Marketing, LeadGen, Inside Sales, and Sales teams. The goal was to boost revenue growth through better integration, lead management, and strategic alignment with Marketing and LinkedIn efforts. Action plans were crafted from productive sessions throughout the day.

On the second day, 27th February, Infoglen held strategic meetings between various functions and leadership teams. Areeb (Delivery) and Minhaj (CoE) led discussions on enhancing delivery processes and building the CoE. The focus was on sensitizing team members about the importance of delivery and fostering emotional connections with projects and customers. CoE discussions revolved around finding new areas, nurturing internal talent, and boosting communication. Collaboration was key, stressing continuous improvement and innovation.

The third day, 28th February, featured leadership engagement with the entire team. Manoj Chugh delivered an inspiring speech on “Growth Through Delivery Excellence.” Insights from the MD (Ibrahim), CEO (Haroon), and COO (Saba) followed, providing valuable perspectives on the collective journey and future goals. The day concluded with a felicitation ceremony, felicitating outstanding team members for their remarkable efforts and contributions to Infoglen’s success in the third quarter and throughout 2023-24.

The fun kept going with cake cutting, a delicious lunch, and team games. Cricket matches showed skills, team spirit, and sportsmanship. The COO and remote team members joined virtually, emphasizing collaboration across geographical boundaries. As we look back on these days of bonding and celebration, let's keep the energy, insights, and team spirit going in our daily work. Together, we'll keep hitting new milestones and shaping Infoglen's future. Thanks, team, for your dedication and commitment to excellence.

Leaves Policy:

Important Updates

As of January 1, 2024, we implemented some key changes to our leave program and its guidelines.

Over the past year, we've noticed a trend where a significant number of employees tend to accumulate and use their vacation leaves primarily towards the end of the year. While we fully support taking well-deserved breaks, we'd like to encourage a more balanced distribution throughout the year. This would help us maintain consistent staffing levels and financial projections.


Vacation Balance

Vacation balance will now lapse every 6 months instead of 1 year.
You can carry forward up to seven (7) vacation days to the next 6-month cycle.


Sick Leaves

Three (3) sick leaves will be granted every 6 months and cannot be carried forward.

reimbursement (1).png

Compensatory Leaves

Compensatory leave credit requires project manager approval and will lapse in 6 weeks.


Important Guidelines

Tool Approvals: All leave requests must be approved by your Supervisor and HR on the Infohub tool.


Advance Notice

Leave requests of 3 days or more require 30-45 days' advance notice.


Leave Distribution

We encourage you to plan your leaves throughout the year to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

system (2).png

HR Disciplinary Action

Adherence to the leave process and guidelines is mandatory. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.


Stakeholders Alignment

Ensure alignment with project/account managers before requesting leave.



Please arrange for a backup Point of Contact (POC) and inform them of your responsibilities during your absence.


Informing Clients

Seek advance approval from clients through your delivery/project leads for any planned leaves.

megaphone (1).png

Probation & Notice Period

No leave requests will be approved during probation or notice period, unless discussed with HR.

We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to the success of Infoglen. Together, let's ensure a seamless and balanced utilization of leaves for the benefit of both individuals and the organization.

Infoglen India Employee Assistance Program (via Ethika) - Additional Employee Benefits!

This section is to highlight and reiterate the significance of our Infoglen India's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), & its accessibility on a self-help portal for employees targeted towards their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Infoglen's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is your confidential resource for expert support on a wide range of personal challenges. From managing stress and anxiety to improving relationships and work-life balance, our EAP counselors are here to listen and guide you, free of charge.


Infoglen EAP is available 24/7, online and on phone, for you and your immediate family members. To access the portal, you must have received an email from with your login credentials. Please check your inbox and follow the instructions to activate your account. It's your one-stop shop for expert guidance on everything from managing stress to improving relationships.

10 Salesforce Free Certification Vouchers for Infogleners

In December, we offered a limited number of Salesforce vouchers (5 Trailhead & 5 AP) to boost your skills!

Drumroll, please!  Our Salesforce Certification Bonanza winners have emerged from the digital battleground, brandishing their vouchers like badges of honor.

Without further ado, let’s unveil the Trailblazers & Accredited Professional (AP) champions who’ve seized their golden tickets to Salesforce stardom ---

Harikrishna Potru, Shivansh Garg, Shripad Pulujkar, Pankaj Sachdeva, Hridesh Singh, Atul Katiyar, Adarsh Maurya and Mohit Panwar.

Congratulations to all of them. Just one final message to them - Celebrate, learn, and conquer!


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