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Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly HR newsletter! We’re excited to share with you the latest news and updates from our organization from people agenda perspective, as well as insights into our culture, values, events, important HR updates & various employee centric activities and developments.


2023 Year End Learning Season @ Infoglen

Infoglen sponsored Certification Vouchers:
Infoglen is offering 10 Salesforce Certification Vouchers (5 Trailhead & 5 Accredited Professional (AP)) which will in turn empower employees to elevate their technical skills and expertise by unlocking new levels of proficiency and grabbing related opportunities in near possible future.

Advantage Cricket League 2023 by Infoglen Sports Hobby Club

The ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 was held in India from October 5 to November 19, and it was a thrilling tournament with many memorable moments and performances. The tournament also witnessed many records being broken, such as the highest individual score, the most sixes in an innings, and the most wickets in a world cup match.

Internally, @ Infoglen, we hosted a very active and enthusiastic chat group for the World Cup where employees from different teams and locations joined together to discuss and comment on the matches, players, and statistics and leaderboard. It was a great way to bond with each other over our shared passion for cricket and to celebrate the spirit of the game. Along with the World Cup, we also had a fun and engaging event on our R&R platform, Advantage Club, called the Advantage Cricket League. In this competition, employees could predict the match winners and compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and win great prizes. The top 5 employees to score the highest on Infoglen Leaderboard were:

  1. Premsai Balisetty

  2. Charli Kashyap

  3. Shripad Pulujkar

  4. Akash Oswal

  5. Pankaj Sachdeva

The Cricket World Cup 2023 will be remembered as one of the most exciting and entertaining editions of the tournament, and will inspire the next generation of cricketers and fans. With India losing the WC Final match, a lesson learnt could be - Even if you perform consistently well, sometimes things may not go your way and you may have a bad day / phase. But that does not undermine your value / efforts / hard work / importance and should not impact your morale in the long run. Alignment of Consistent Efforts, Perfect Opportunity & Right Timing will always help you achieve your goals in life.

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Employee Engagement, Productivity & Wellness Webinars

At Infoglen, we care about you and your journey with us. That's why we bring you periodical webinars and sessions to enrich your mind, body, and soul. These webinars are designed to help you explore various topics, from wellness sessions to personal development opportunities, building awareness as well as acquiring new skills. These sessions are a great way to boost your confidence, unleash your potential, and build a strong bond with your colleagues.

6 sessions conducted in Q4, 2023:

  • Embracing Meditation for Well-Being (6th October)

  • Winning Hearts and Minds with PPT Techniques (13th October)

  • Presentation Skills: Take It Up Notch (20th October)

  • Employee Wellness: How To Eat Smart and Stay Healthy (3rd November)

  • Type 2 Diabetes Reversal (1st December)

  • Building a Better Financial Life (8th December)

We aim to foster motivation, engagement, and productivity throughout the month by inviting experts and speakers from varied fields to share their insights and expertise with you. We hope, you join and continue leveraging these webinars as a self-improvement opportunity.

An excellent opportunity to Be The Change & contribute @ Organization level initiatives

With an intent to empower you to be a part of the change and growth of Infoglen, we are launching two new employee-centric initiatives where you can voice your opinion, design content, be the culture champions and grow professionally while being part of 2 Infoglen committees – (1) Employee Engagement and Culture (2) Internal Branding & Communication.

One is a unique opportunity to become an integral part of our journey towards fostering an engaging and vibrant workplace culture by being a driving force behind initiatives that elevate our workplace experience. Your influence will extend beyond your team to impact the entire organization.


Second is an exciting opportunity to craft engaging and captivating content that resonates with our diverse and dynamic workforce by unleashing your creative flair


If you feel the call to be a catalyst for positive change or if you are ready to shape & foster a culture of seamless communication @ Infoglen, write to the HR team & join these communities.


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