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Healthcare Solutions

Secure & transform patient data, enable efficient collaborations & drive healthcare digitalization with Infoglen's healthcare services.


Accelerating Value-Based Care Transition.

Healthcare providers have a rising need to reassess their strategic vision of patient care, improve patient outcomes, offer value-based services, and embrace the consumerization of health. Infoglen has a proven track record of delivering digitalization, integration, and orchestration across all channels. We specialize in adding value to your services and elevate the overall experiences of your patients' journeys through continuous engagements. We offer you:

  • A 360-degree patient view

  • Intelligent care collaboration

  • Personalized end-to-end healthcare experience

  • Secured handling of PHI

  • Care team productivity

  • Clinical data management

  • Patient portal with integrated survey setup



Delivering Connected Care Ecosystem.

Efficiencies, outcomes, and a growth-driven business model are vital for the payers. So, they must adapt to smart electronic interchange models that comply with the HIPAA regulations, and help them meet the current customer-centric business need. Infogeln helps payers move towards a more focused & value-based payment structure with enhanced IT capabilities, better care & infrastructure, and decreased operational costs, viz:


  • Scale-up member care management programs, including utilization management, risk stratification, and real-time integrations

  • Drive employee, provider & member collaboration through care team collaboration, relationship management, and digital member engagement

  • Personalize member service experience, every time

Hardware OEMs

Redefining Healthcare With Innovation.

The new economic environment demands drastic changes in medical sciences' innovation. OEMs must produce and deliver medical equipments which are more affordable & customized to ensure a seamless care experience throughout the patients' journey. Infoglen's extensive expertise in collaborating with, and leveraging a strong partner ecosystem for strategic technology innovation, will help organizations meet market-specific quality & performance standards, with capabilities like:

  • Marketing assets — in order to support an influx of new leads into the system

  • Design territories for assignment to the sales reps

  • User call handling with a call plan and close plan template

  • Quote preparation with guided selling & approval process

  • Digital setup for both field and service agents

  • Custom dashboard and reports for data insights

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Life Sciences

Transforming Healthcare With Digital Reimagination.

Technological advancements and added focus on a customer-centric business model, have created a ton of opportunities in the pharma industry; while regulatory pressures, increased drug prices, reduced R&D pipeline, and an overload on managing a modernized supply chain, all continue to be regular challenges for a lot of organizations. Infogeln helps pharma/life science clients focus on their core business values, and deliver a fully automated & digitalized technology experience, viz.

  • Data management & clinical operation support like EDC, coder, CDB, study startup, eTMF, CTMS, payments and site connect

  • Regulatory Information Management (RIM) including registrations, submissions, submissions publishing, submission archive & connections

  • Quality management via QMS, product surveillance, quality docs & vault station

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