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Experience Cloud


Create customer-centric digital experiences that forge lasting connections & trust, with our Salesforce Experience Cloud Expertise.

 Infoglen is committed to enhancing the way organizations interact with their customers and partners. With the new Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud) you can now build more than just communities - Infoglen can help you engage with customers better by making it easier for them to access and act on their data. We do this by building your portals, forums, sites, self-help centers, mobile apps and manage all your content and data at a centralized place.


Source: Salesforce

Salesforce Experience Cloud Features


Challenges We Solve


Disconnected Experiences:

Seamlessly integrate disparate systems and data sources to eliminate silos and ensure a cohesive experience across all touchpoints.


Inefficient Collaboration:

Streamline communication and collaboration among employees, partners, and customers, fostering a culture of efficiency and shared success.




Design solutions that grow with your business, ensuring agile deployment and quick response to market demands.


Data Security Concerns:

Implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, providing peace of mind for both your organization and your stakeholders.

Our Implementation

Our Salesforce Experience Cloud edge

As distinguished Salesforce Experience Cloud Expert Navigators, we go beyond just developing portals and sites for customer relationship management, empowering businesses to forge lasting connections and cultivate trust through unified, personalized experiences. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to a "customer-first" digital approach, the key to unlocking the full potential of digital transformation for your business. Discover how our unique Experience Cloud implementation can elevate your business outcomes:


Swift User-Centric Experiences for All Types of Communities

  • Save valuable time & resources, with our experience in rapid deployment of portals and sites for a range of stakeholders and ecosystems. Whether it is a targeted customer support portal, a platform which connects multiple portals for employees, end-customers and service providers, or an open-for-all public knowledge sharing library, we offer fast, comprehensive and tailored solutions for all types of business needs. We helped a client achieve a 30% increase in efficiency by creating a platform that connected separate portals for employees, end-customers and service providers, supporting different sets of functions.

Focus on Personalization & Brand Relationship Building

  • Foster loyalty & engagement, with our attention to personalized experiences and seamless customer data integration from any source. Our expertise in gamification, member-specific offerings and customized journeys, dynamic content for campaigns, and robust feedback mechanisms keep users coming back to the platforms we build. Our gamification strategies helped a client witness a 45% increase in the number of registered members on its partner portal.


Advanced Customization for Salesforce ROI Maximization

  • Leverage the best of Experience Cloud for your unique needs, from implementing complex sharing and security rules to meeting specific interface requirements. Our team of experienced developers implement highly customized solutions using code, as smoothly as they harness the power of Salesforce’s no-code configurable tools.

Experience in Integration for Effective Collaboration

  • Streamline and speed up your go-to-market processes for a cohesive presence across all channels and systems, with our efficient integration. We have rich experience in integrating Experience Cloud sites and portals with our clients’ existing Salesforce Clouds, their other native products & platforms, and even their partner’s platforms, to minimize data silos, streamline team work and improve decision-making.


Proficiency in UI/UX Optimization Across Devices

  • Design a community portal that perfectly reflects your company and brand, while staying intuitive and seamless for your users. Our UI/UX experts use both standard and custom UI elements to create interactive user task flows that boost user adoption. One of our clients noted a 2X increase in its customer engagement, after we revamped their customer community portal and their customers were able to effortlessly navigate the task completion flow through an interactive and dynamic interface.

Enhanced Responsiveness to Changing Customer Needs

  • Continuously improve your experiences for your customers, with our data-driven approach to help you effortlessly monitor, measure, and optimize your site.


Success Stories

We revamped a Carpinteria-based construction management company’s virtual community platform, enhancing customer experience, and resulting in a 45% increase in the number of registered customers. The upsurge in registered customers indicates the enhanced appeal and accessibility of the platform.
The Experience Cloud-powered platform offers optimized performance while meeting the customer’s unique needs.
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