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Einstein & Analytics

Employ AI & advanced analytics; get empowered with intelligence built-in, and engage with empathy for enhanced productivity & experiences.

Our Implementation

Infoglen’s mission is to help enterprises deploy & adopt new-age digital technologies like AI/ML & advanced analytics, to help them connect better with customers via deeper insights, understand customer sentiments by offering them the best answers & info quickly, and help the staff achieve more with their efforts & time

via intelligent case classifications, smart recommendations, etc.

  • Build a deeper bond with customers with deep insights based on past interactions, and provide personalized experiences

  • Prioritize leads, campaigns & cases to improve business win %

  • Design next steps; build predictive models for many use cases like customer churn, match offers with right customers, etc.

  • Discover linguistic patterns to improve customer interactions via sentiment analytics, thus improving NPS/CSAT

  • Increase team productivity with smart bots across channels

  • Strengthen brand image using image recognition, that recognizes your brand across social media platforms, etc.

Source: Salesforce



NLP Capabilities

Computer Vision

Our Clients

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