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DevOps CI/CD

Deliver products faster & more consistently with zero errors, and keep security threats at bay with an agile methodology.

Our Approach

Infoglen offers a unified approach to drive digital transformation across organizations while significantly enabling IT agility. With our result-driven DevOps methodology, we ensure innovation & stability are two equal goals of implementation where we break down silos to deliver services faster, with enhanced quality, and reduced costs & risk. Our end-to-end capabilities are tuned to deliver at every step of your DevOps journey, where we help:

  • Revolutionize your delivery

  • Eliminate operational roadblock

  • Deploy high-quality solutions, fast

  • Enhance productivity with IT agility

  • Reinforce digital innovation


What We Do

Infoglen modernizes the DevOps ecosystem, so companies can focus on innovation. Our aim is to streamline your team collaborations, deliver faster results, implement easy-to-use solutions, and ensure that you stay ahead of the competition with our DevOps solutions, by helping you:

  • Setup the dev environment architecture, with automation

  • Enable VCS based source of truth repository

  • Branch strategies to support organization's need

  • Scan codes to ensure delivery of quality solutions & address network vulnerabilities 

  • Build pipelines for the CI/CD processes

  • Plan releases, with pre & post-release steps

  • Automate the testing framework setup, embedded with release pipelines

  • Enable full & selective deployment options across the different environments 

  • Setup the code retrofit process

How We Do It

To stay ahead of the game in this competitive marketplace, enterprises have to deliver swift solutions, while responding to rising customer needs. Infoglen offers the required tech agility, along with innovative software solutions, to deliver exactly what you need. We help you:

  • Visualize progress to provide a more realistic, tangible, & optimized DevOps development process

  • Implement tailored features to meet your business needs, run updates & provide security solutions

  • Automate regression tests to enhance accuracy with continuous bug reporting

  • Provide continuous integration and enhancements to scale up your business productivity

  • Detect issues early with simultaneous deployments to reduce development cost

  • Enhance business agility, thereby performance

DevOps KPIs



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