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Raising awareness about climate change and strengthening initiatives for climate action.


Our endeavor is to always think and act as an environmentally and socially sustainable organization. The phenomenon of climate change has reached a level critical enough to affect the future as well as the present generation; and as an organization working towards a better future, combating climate change is the most important and necessary step for us to take. With climate action at the center of Infoglen’s sustainability agenda, Infoglen also believes in responding to ongoing crises of poverty, hunger and inadequate healthcare. The poor are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change – including disease, water crisis, food crisis, displacement, and much more. In this fight against climate change, Infoglen understands that we need all hands on deck - the smallest of actions can add up to big wins.



We are committed to combating climate change by taking action for biodiversity conversion, motivating our people to do the same and being a more responsible business in the ecosystem.

Saying No to Single-Use Plastic


In June 2022, we pledged to remove all single-use plastic from Infoglen offices and launch an internal “No Plastic” campaign. We have begun the campaign by targeting single-use plastic bottles, and giving each employee their own reusable water bottle that they use at  work.


Infoglen’s focus on climate action

The removal of single-use plastic from our surroundings is an important step in biodiversity conversion and the fight against climate change. The production of single-use plastic involves burning of fossil fuels, releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. In the extraction and transportation process of single-use plastic itself,  approx. 12.5 to 13.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide is emitted every year (CIEL). As single-use plastics do not decompose, they either end up in land-fills, which emit methane (another greenhouse gas) or they end up in oceans, endangering entire ocean ecosystems as they account for 89% of the plastic polluting the oceans (UNEP).

2022 is also the year Infoglen launched its reforestation initiative in partnership with One Tree Planted. The aim is to conserve forests which act as natural 'carbon sinks' and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is estimated that reforestation can help remove three billion to 18 billion tonnes of CO2 annually (BBC). We encourage employees and the larger Infoglen network to plant trees and contribute to reforestation efforts around the world.


Infoglen Giving

Infoglen’s need-based response to poverty, hunger and healthcare

While climate action is our main area of focus, we are conscious of the challenges faced by people affected by poverty, hunger and poor healthcare access, and we actively come forward when the need arises

In 2021, we launched Infoglen Giving - an initiative to raise funds for those affected by COVID during the catastrophic second wave in India, especially those from marginalized groups with poor access to healthcare and basic amenities. However, access to healthcare was not the only need of the hour. Over 30 million people across 21 countries experienced acute hunger in 2021 as a result of the economic crises and system breakdowns spurred by the pandemic (FAO).

Our partnerships with grassroots organizations as part of Infoglen Giving taught us that there was a lot we could do to address two issues  exacerbated by the pandemic - access to healthcare and hunger.

Since then, Infoglen has been supporting NGOs and social organizations working on eradicating hunger and improving access to healthcare in remote areas and has also joined the global movement – Pledge 1% – through which we donate 1% of our profits to NGOs working on these causes.


Infoglen strives to be a team of mindful global citizens, who are passionate about doing their bit to create a happy and healthy future for the planet and people.

Haroon Ahmad

CEO & Co-Founder

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