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Achieve Seamless
Lead-to-Cash Excellence

Elevate your sales strategy with Infoglen's innovative solutions designed to streamline every step of your sales journey.


Are lengthy sales cycles and complex quoting processes slowing you down? As per the Salesforce State of Sales report 2022, sales teams are missing out on significant selling opportunities:

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Sales reps only spend 28% of their time actually selling.


Only 37% of sales reps feel their CRM empowers them fully.

This translates to missed quotas, lost deals, and untapped revenue potential.

But what if you could leverage technology that helped you unlock hidden efficiency and drive real results? Imagine boosting your lead conversions by up to 43% and improving sales productivity by up to 44%, all while ensuring a seamless customer experience from first contact to final invoice. These results are achievable. On an average, companies using Salesforce have reported the following results:

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43% Increase in Lead Conversions


19% Increase in



44% Enhanced Sales Productivity

Challenges We Solve




Disparate systems create information gaps across departments.


Poor Lead


Inaccurate criteria or manual processes waste resources.


Low Lead Conversion Rates:

Ineffective nurturing leads to misalignment between sales and marketing teams.


Complex Pricing and Quoting:

Manual processes cause errors, delays, and revenue leakage.

Salesforce Solutions for Streamlined Lead-to-Cash

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle and Convert More Leads

Infoglen’s lead management solutions helped an LA-based health-tech client to achieve 30% faster deal closures with enhanced data accuracy. Here’s how our team of Salesforce experts can empower you to drive faster lead conversion:

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Never Miss a Qualified Lead

Capture leads from every source and ensure efficient follow-up with automated workflows.


Sell to the Right Prospects

Easily identify high-potential leads with scoring and qualification tools, so your reps focus on the right people.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Know exactly where your pipeline stands with real-time insights, accurate forecasting and efficient tracking.

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Align Sales & Marketing

Ensure everyone's on the same page with a unified view of your customers.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships and Increase Revenue:

We helped a Minnesota-based leading cybersecurity company grow its sales revenue by 60%, by automating processes and streamlining approvals, allowing sales reps to focus on building relationships with clients and delivering personalized solutions. We can do the same for you and more:

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Know Your Customers Inside-out

Go beyond basic CRM with Account Based Marketing (ABM) and AI-powered insights. Develop targeted strategies, personalize content, and predict customer needs to identify upsell and renewal opportunities, maximizing customer lifetime value.

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Eliminate Information Silos

Ensure data consistency with account verification and a unified view across all departments. Integrate your CRM with ERP systems, creating a single source of truth.

Deliver a Frictionless Customer Journey and Faster Cash Flow

A Gartner-awarded global leader in cybersecurity compliance solutions achieved 90% reduced quote-to-order cycle time and 40% improvement in order management efficiency with our solutions. Imagine achieving these results for your business:


Automate Faster Quote Approvals

Generate accurate quotes quickly and easily, even with complex pricing structures. Ensure compliance with built-in tools, saving time and minimizing errors.


Increase Order Management Efficiency

Convert quotes to orders automatically and seamlessly integrate with your fulfillment systems.

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Simplify Subscription Management

Manage subscriptions and recurring revenue effortlessly, whether you offer simple or complex plans.


Ensure Timely & Secure Payments

Automate the entire invoicing process, from generating accurate invoices to collecting payments. Save time and ensure revenue is recognized correctly.

Our Approach

We take a data-driven approach to optimize your L2C process continuously. Here's what sets us apart:


Continuous Process Optimization:

We analyze key metrics and feedback to identify areas for improvement and adapt to market demands.


Real-Time Reporting and Analytics:

We ensure you gain actionable insights into lead generation, conversion rates, and overall sales performance for proactive decision-making.



Navigating Lead-To-Cash Transformation Through Salesforce

Discover insights on emerging Lead-to-Cash trends and best practices to stay ahead, with a focus on B2B companies.

Utilize this comprehensive resource to implement industry-leading strategies, emphasizing technology agnostic principles.

Success Stories

We helped a cybersecurity solutions provider in Minnesota to reduce their quote creation time by 70% by transforming the process from a cost-intensive and cumbersome quote creation process to a more optimized and automated Salesforce CPQ.
“We’d like to thank Infoglen for all their work and helping think through the process!  Really appreciate their insight on some of the complex issues.”

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